Should He? Will He? That Is The Question!

Will Bob Huggins walk with Eric Hicks? Should Bob Huggins walk with Eric Hicks? See what Bearcat Insider has to say on the subject.

The groundwork has been laid for former University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball Coach Bob Huggins to make a special appearance at Fifth Third Arena on Saturday. With much talk about the rights or wrongs about this subject, one only has to look at the reasons why Huggins will be in attendance to see why it's the right thing to happen.

Bob Huggins is not returning to make a statement against the University of Cincinnati. No, he's just looking to support five seniors who gave their all to him and his program during their time together.

But while Huggins was only expected to be courtside for the event, senior forward Eric Hicks has spoken out and said he wants the former Bearcats head coach to be by his side during the pregame ceremonies before the Bearcats battle Big East foe West Virginia in the last regular season game of his great Bearcat career.

With talk radio buzzing on this subject during the morning and people riding both sides of the fence, lets look at why having Coach Huggins see these seniors off is a great thing and should happen.

Senior Day

This is it! The day is filled with emotions for those who have worked and battle during their college careers. While they hope to play in post season play, they know this may be the last chance for them to hear the crowd cheer for them like no other crowd would in the country. It's also a time to remember the good and bad and enjoy one of the last times a player is a college athlete.

End Of The Trail

The five seniors who will be honored on Saturday are the last players to have played for Bob Huggins. While there are a few who were recruited by Coach Huggins, he never coached them in the heat of battle and doesn't share the same bonds as he does with the five seniors who are finished.

Not A Statement

Those who've been Bob Huggins supporters need to understand one thing. Coach Bob Huggins is not trying to show up the university. This day is not about Bob Huggins or anyone who is part of the Cincinnati athletic staff or university staff, it's about the work and sacrifice given by these five seniors being honored and nothing else. Don't read more into this then that.

No What Is Coming

No one can tell you there will not be a show of support for Bob Huggins. He built a winning program and the fans will use this time to let him know they remember and miss him on the sidelines. But while we can expect this show of support, we also know many of these same people will show their non-support toward the University of Cincinnati president and her staff. But while fans are going to do what they want, please keep in mind the staff and Bob Huggins are here for one thing... Give Eric Hicks, Armein Kirkland, Chadd Moore, James White and Jihad Muhammed the send off they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Should He Do It?

That is the question being asked by many today. Should he or shouldn't he do it? That is the questions and the answer is a whopping "YES!!!!"

Should UC Stop Him?

This is the other question being asked by many. While some have already placed words into the mouths of UC President Nancy Zimpher and Athletic Director Mike Thomas on this subject, It's easy to see the answer is "NO!!!", the University of Cincinnati should allow for this and encouraged this.

So while we won't know for sure until Senior Day starts, it looks more and more like Bob Huggins will be making a big appearance at the "Shoe" on Saturday.

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