Big Turnout For Bearcats Junior Day

Why should the Bearcats Football staff be excited about the prospect pictured above making a visit during Junior Day? Learn who some of the players BCI saw during Junior Day on the campus of Cincinnati.

While many Bearcat fans were busy getting ready for Saturday's basketball game against West Virginia, members of the Cincinnati Football staff were busy holding it's largest "Junior Day" so far for the Class of 2007. With at least 30 + high school prospects on hand with their coaches or family members, the Cincinnati staff was seen showing their guest around the new facilities and seen eating in the football press box.

While we always try to see who visited, our list is going to be short because of all the craziness surrounding campus and the high number of prospects.

Before going into some detail, lets get one thing straight, the quality of prospects continues to rise on these special days held by the football team. Will it end with a "Big Time" prospect signing with Coach Dantonio next February? That is yet to be determined. But from looking at the players who visited last year to those who've already made visits this year I feel this could be the breakout year for Coach Dantonio and his staff.

Interest in the Bearcats program is at an all-time high. The team may have seen its struggles this past season, but prospects are learning big time football is played in the Big East and on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.

Now, like I said, there were so many prospects it was hard to get a good count and name list put together and keep up with Bob Huggins and all the action on the court.

One of the first players I saw was wide receiver prospect Chris Givens (Chillicothe, HS - Ohio). The talented Givens is seeing big time programs take notice and the Bearcats seem to be high on his list with this marking his second visit. Givens fits one of the major needs for the next class. A "Big Time" receiver who will be a playmaker at the next level. We'll work on taking with Chris about his visit this week and have a more in-depth report very soon.

The next prospect that stood out was Hubbard High School offensive lineman Marcus O'Hara. Standing 6'6 290 lbs., O'Hara wasn't hard to see. Cincinnati is in the mix with programs like Ohio State, Notre Dame, Michigan and Pittsburgh at this time.

Another prospect seen is no stranger to the Bearcats program. Andy Puthoff has learned about the Bearcats from his high school teammate and good friend Toby Boeckman. The St. Henry High School linebacker prospect has made a couple of visits so far and could well be seen at summer camp in the coming months.

Another prospect whose no stranger to the Bearcats program also made a repeat visit. Garret Celek came dressed in a Cincinnati football t-shirt and just might be looking to follow in his brothers footsteps and become a Bearcat football player.

Brian Peters may not be getting the early talk like his high school teammate Chazz Anderson, but Peters is one of those players who's under the radar early in the recruiting process. BCI will be working to contact Peters to learn more about him and his recruiting.

Mike Switzer from Lawrence North High School (Indiana) was seen at the game also.

But the largest group to visit UC was Coach Maurice Douglass of Trotwood Madison High School who brought several of his players down I-75 for the day. I spoke with Coach Douglass and will be making a trip over to visit with the Rams in the coming weeks. Coach Douglass was upbeat about the amount of prospects he's got in his program for the next few years, and from looking at the players walking with him I would tend to agree.

The next group of players seen from one school came from Warren Harding High School (Warren, Oh). Sidney Glover along with a few other teammates were seen. I've got some film on Glover and will be posting a breakdown in the coming weeks. Glover has already received an offer from Indiana and also lists several Big Ten programs on his list.

I'll be working on putting together some more names in the coming days as we prepare for the start of spring practice and visits during the spring.

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