Ex-Bearcat Looks At Bearcub

While watching the UC/Syracuse Big East tournament game at Par's Place, I had the opportunity to talk with ex-Bearcat footballer, Don Goodman, about his son Dominick‘s first college football season.

This time last year Bearcat football fans were discussing whether or not Dominick Goodman would be a quarterback at UC. After only a day or two of summer practice, that question was answered when Dominick moved from quarterback to receiver. Don had no problem with his son's position change. "Being a little league football coach myself, I know what the coaches are there for. They know what's best for the players, and I was very happy with his first season. For him to get on the field and get some playing time, I was very happy with the way things worked out."

Looking at next year, Don was asked to project what changes Bearcat fans may see in his son. "He's gained about ten pounds from last year just be lifting weights. He excels at catching the football and running patterns."

Don was also very honest about his son's weakness. "Blocking. He needs to improve his blocking."

When Don looks at the Bearcat football program, he's pleased with the leadership. "I'm very pleased with the job Coach Dantonio has done. My personal opinion is that he's a very good coach."

Dominick had originally signed a letter of intent to play college basketball at Findley College before changing his mind and signing to play football with UC. With the present situation of Bearcat basketball, has Dominick considered playing two sports at UC? "He tells me ‘No' because of the load educationwise. Trying to do two sports is tough."

Don has some high expectations for next year's football squad. "I would expect them to be in a bowl game next year. I think they'll be a pretty good team."

Since Don has now been through the recruiting process twice, once as a player and once as a father, he was asked what makes a good recruiter. "I think Coach Dantonio is a good recruiter because he was very honest, and if the parents and kid like the recruiter, that's the place the kid's going to go."

Apparently Dominick has continued the success Bearcat football players have shown in the classroom. "He's done good. He has a 3.0 average, and I think he's done well for his first year."

Like most proud parents, Don has some ambitious dreams and believes Dominick's football career could extend beyond Cincinnati. " I think he could play in the NFL if he works hard, but he's got to work really hard. To do that a player has to be really committed to make it to the next level."

Some feel the Bearcat football schedule may be too ambitious next year with out-of-conference games against Virginia Tech and Ohio State, but Don doesn't share that opinion. "I think you have to play the best teams out there when it fits your schedule. It fit their schedule, and they're playing them."

For those who don't know, Don Goodman was named a 1983 team captain, won the Brig Owens Award for most outstanding back, and won the Claude Rost Award as the team‘s MVP. He was also instrumental in the Bearcats'14-3 upset that year of the defending national champions-Penn State.

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