The "Respect" earned by this years University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball team was earned. Today, the NCAA took much of that away. R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

One word best used when talking about this years University of Cincinnati Men's Basketball team was, "Respect". From the minute it was announced that Bob Huggins wouldn't guide this years team, to the day the Bearcats lost in the first round of the Big East Tournament, "Respect" was earned by Andy Kennedy and his squad of warriors.

For years the NCAA has preached to its members they better start playing tougher schedules out of conference. The Bearcats did that. Combining with their Big East schedule, the Bearcats finished with the fifth rated hardest schedule in the country.

RPI? Have a good RPI and watch as the NCAA Selection Committee praises you with a dance card. The Bearcats did that. Before action today, UC sat with an RPI of 40.

So what is a team suppose to do now? That has to be the question asked by not only the Bearcats, but also every major conference team in the country. The Bearcats played some of the best teams in the land. Not since the 1990-91 team, has UC not been placed in the "Big Dance". Even the 17-12 Bearcats of 2002-03 received an invite to dance in the tournament every team sets as its goal. So what went wrong with all the experts who predicted the Bearcats in the tournament? They are also beside themselves with questions on why teams like Texas A&M, Utah State, Air Force and Arkansas made the dance card and other teams who played the harder schedules and earned the big victories were left home.

Respect is said to be earned. This years Bearcats earned the respect of many in the college basketball world with their hustle, hard work and never give up attitude. The NCAA Selection Committee forgot to give the Bearcats the respect due to a team that's accomplished more then most who will be taking the court next Thursday afternoon could even hope to have earned.

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