News & Notes - Practice #6

The Bearcats found nice weather for their Day #6 on the turf in Nippert Stadium. What was the action like inside? Bearcat Insider has the details.

-Today's practice was in full gear.

-A lot of players are getting healthy. Guys that have gotten rid of the colored jerseys in the last day or two include Jared Martin (WR), Brad Bury (FB), Jon Newton (DT), Greg Moore (RB), and Craig Carey (QB).

-I have not noticed K.L. Smith at any practices.

-Adam Roberts attended practice today. He's graduated with a degree in communications. He worked out for the Packers a couple weeks ago and has a workout scheduled with the Bengals in a couple weeks. Adam said the best player he played with at UC was Trent Cole. Adam really likes it here in Cincinnati and has no plans to return home to live in New York.

-Derrick Stewart attended practice again.

-Coach Dantonio is more than just an administrator at practice. He takes an active role in several of the defensive back drills.

-Greg Moore looked good in practice today and did not fumble.

-Craig Carey looked expectedly rusty after the long layoff.

-Digger Bunch (OT) pancaked Lamonte Nelms (DE) in a drill today.

-There were a lot of guys rotating through the linebacker spots.

-Corey Smith (LB) was in pads and on the field for the first time, but he will be held out of all contact drills.

-Haruki Nakamura (S) made some big hits, but Brent Celek (TE) also dragged him into the endzone after one of those hits.

-Jared Martin and Dominick Goodman are getting the first reps at wideout with the 1st team offense.

-Greg Moore is getting the first rep at tailback.

-Dustin Grutza was intercepted today in practice. JaJuan Hall (S) got the interception in a 6 on 7 drill, and it would have been a TD for the defense. Dustin also had another ball batted by Anthony Hoke (DE) at the line of scrimmage. I did not see any other interceptions or batted balls.

-Jordan Roth attended practice today. I was told he's lost about 40 pounds since last year. Jordan can no longer play due to injury.

-Trevor Anderson (DE) made a nice play and would have had a sack of Grutza on a rollout if it had been a contact drill.

-Dominick Goodman really does a nice job catching the ball in traffic over the middle.

-Wymon Tarham (RB) is a preferred walk-on with the squad. He attended Harmony and is a transfer from Urbana.

-Greg Moore ran over Mike Mickens (CB) during today's scrimmage to the delight of the offense. Mike Daniels (WR) couldn't resist some good natured needling when he called out to Mickens, "Get in the weightroom, Mic." as his teammates cackled.

-Butler Benton (RB) broke a nice run today of about 20 yards during the scrimmage.

-Also during the scrimmage with the offense on its own 2 yard line, David Wess (RB) showed his 4.48 forty speed as he broke a 25 yard run.

-Doc Gamble, the head football coach at Withrow, was at practice. We'll have an interview with Doc tomorrow.

-There were a couple fumbles today on the QB/C exchange as Mario Duenas continues to learn the position, but according to Coach Dantonio, one of the fumbled exchanges was Craig Carey's fault and not Mario's.

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