News & Notes-Practice 12B

No one else can tell you what happended at Tuesday's practice except Bearcat Insider. Sorry about the delay.

I missed a practice about 10 days ago, but apparently that practice was cancelled due to bad weather so my number for the practices was incorrect. To rectify the situation, I'm calling today's practice #12B. Once again, Bearcat Insider has information you cannot get anywhere else, but today's information is exclusively football. -Today was helmets, shoulder pads and shorts, and it was a beautiful day.

-The big position change today was a logical one after yesterday's move of David Wess to quarterback. Craig Carey was moved to tight end. Dave spoke with Coach Dantonio about this move, and I spoke to quarterback coach, Dave Warner. Those interviews will be available soon.

-Marcus Waugh (FB) told me today that he will play in the spring game. I think Bearcat fans are really going to like this young man.

-Trevor Anderson and Terrill Byrd returned to practice today.

-Ben Guidugli attended another practice today. He's really been working hard in the weightroom with his father, and it shows. Ben weighs 226 pounds right now and reports a 4.7 forty time. However, he been working out with 375 pounds on the bench press. That's not his max; it's part of his workout weight for sets. Ben will be playing in the Kentucky vs. Tennessee all-star game in Chattanooga on June 16. Ben talked about his visit to Colorado back in January. Coach Dantonio was text messaging Ben on the trip, but Ben was laughing because Coach Dantonio isn't too savvy with that type of technology. Ben said Coach's messages took forever for him to type, and they were always real simple, short messages. Ben's younger brother Tony was a freshman quarterback at Highlands this year and is supposed to be a real talent. Ben also said his family wanted him to stay with his commitment to Cincinnati, but most of his buddies wanted him to go to Colorado.

-NFL veterans-Derrick Ransom, Mike Wright, Trent Cole, and Robert Tate are all expected to be at this year's golf outing on Friday.

-It was a day for some fights. Mick Mickens (CB) and Charley Howard (WR) had to be separated by teammates, and later Conner Barwin and Lamonte Nelms had a bigger squabble. Barwin had Nelms on the ground and was throwing some punches as Coach Narduzzi was screaming, "Let em fight!"

-Jeff Rieskamp of Elder High School visited practice with his father. Jeff is a 6' 3.5"/230 pound defensive end. Jeff is a junior and reported a 4.5 forty. He runs the 200 meters at Elder. He doesn't have any offers yet, but with that combination of size and speed, I think it may be only a matter of time before he gets them.

-I spoke with Doug Jones today. Doug should be healthy by June but will not play in the spring game. He told me he's not opposed to a position change if the coaches wanted that. I think he'd make a great lineman.

-Dominick Goodman just continues to get open and catch the football. He lined up opposite Mike Mickens a lot today. Mickens runs a 4.3 forty and Goodman runs a 4.87, but Mickens really struggled to cover Goodman. Ben Guidugli thinks he brings skills like Goodman's to the receiver position.

-Jared Martin and Kazeem Ali did not finish practice. I don't think either has been ruled out of Saturday's game, but I'd expect both to be doubtful.

-Nick DeFilippo intercepted Nick Davila today.

-Tony Pike and Earnest Jackson hooked up for a nice pass today.

-Gino Guidugli has been invited to the Miami Dolphins camp.

-The placekicking was really bad today. At one point, Kevin Lovell and Brandon Yingling missed five straight kicks. All were red zone kicks too. They actually kicked better from further away.

-Bearcat Ed is sponsoring the Bearcat Insider tailgate prior for Saturday's game. We expect to be in the Corry lot, which is the parking lot just above the baseball field opposite the Edwards building. We'll be next to the big RV and the Par's Place crowd. Let us know if you're planning to attend. We're hoping to put some faces with names. We should be there by 10 a.m. If it's not too hot to keep my dog in the car during the game, I'll be the guy with the 130 pound St. Bernard mix (Thunder). Just call him, and he'll lead you to me.

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