Top Receiver Prospect Gives Update

Game changer, impact player, top prospect, these words are being used by college coaches as they talk with Chillicothe High School wide receiver Chris Givens during the early part of the recruiting process. With size (6'3 - 190 lbs.) and great ball catching skills Givens has seen four programs make the early call with official offers and many others picking up the pace as his highlight film makes the rounds. Bearcat Insider has the latest on this top target of the Bearcats coaching staff.

One program earning high early interest from Givens is the University of Cincinnati and head coach Mark Dantonio. The Bearcats made their offer to Givens during a Junior Day this winter and Givens took notice of what is being built on the campus in Clifton.

"Cincinnati is high on my list. They were one of the first to offer me and show faith in my abilities. I would place them in my Top Five at this time and could see myself playing there in the future."

But while Givens has enjoyed the love shown by the Bearcats it's his recruiting coach who's really been getting the job done in his recruiting.

"Coach Hinton is recruiting me and has made me feel real comfortable about UC. He's a good guy and I feel I have a great relationship with him. I feel we've known each other for years instead of such a short time, we have a lot in common with were we come from and I feel he cares about me and my family."

But while Givens has high interest in the Bearcats other programs are starting to show interest.

"Right now beside those schools that have offered I'm hearing from Michigan State, West Virginia and Indiana, each of these programs is catching my eye."

But as interest is sure to keep building for Givens he makes it clear he's got a few things he's looking for in a program.

"Academics will play a very big role in where I end up going to school. The other thing I'm looking at is location. At this time I'm looking at possible staying within an area not too far from home."

When asked about other things that stood out about the Bearcats up and coming program Gives was quick to point out other areas he found interesting about UC.

"Cincinnati has a real good football tradition, it may not be Ohio State but it's got it's own deep traditions and with them in the Big East Conference along with all the things they are building on campus I can only see it getting bigger and better. The Big East sends teams to bowl games each year and that's important to me as a player. I want the chance to play in these types of games and enjoy the experience that comes with them."

Givens will be making another trip to the Cincinnati campus in the coming months to learn more about the Bearcats and it's staff.

"I'm planning on coming to camp in June for one day and seeing more. I already feel comfortable about being on campus and feel I could fit in there real nice. Even though its so close to the city and I'm from a small town I don't feel there will be a problem. All the people I've met so far have been great."

One thing you learn about Chris Givens as you talk with him about his recruiting is he's thought the process out early. He knows players get better on the field and not on the bench, he also knows bigger is not always better.

"I'm looking for programs were I would have a chance to come in and make an impact within my first two years. That will be a big factor in my decision. While it would be nice to get the attention from some of the bigger programs, I know just because a program may be bigger or gets more attention then others doesn't make it the right program for me."

This spring Givens have been busy running track, while he's not sure how fast his forty times are he knows he's competing with some guys who are said to be fast.

"I really don't know what my forty time is at this time. I'm running track so I can compete and stay in shape. I've been told guys who run events like the 100 don't hit their full stride until they get between the 40-60 mark while I'm hitting mine at about 20, so it will be interesting to see what my forty time really is."

With summer camps about a month away and combines like the combine at Louisville at the end of May coming up Givens is starting to get excited about getting back on the field.

"I'm planning on going to the Nike and combines but you never know what may come up and keep you from going. It's exciting to know you'll have a chance to compete against some of the top players in the country at these events as see were you stand. I'm also looking forward to getting to some camps and learning more about the programs that have shown interest in me and learning about the coaches at each of these schools."

Before I finished my interview with Chris I asked him about Coach Dantonio and what chances he's had getting to know the Bearcats head coach.

"Coach Dantonio is real good. I was honored he took the time to speak with me one-on-one. He accomplished a lot at Ohio State and is getting things done at UC that will take the program to the next level. I enjoyed hearing what he had to say about their goals at UC and how they are going to get there. I've had a lot of schools that have been asking me to come to campus and the coach may talk with you when you get there, but Coach Dantonio made sure he spoke with me when I was there and that's important."

While it's too early to know if Chris Givens will end up a Bearcat it's easy to see the staff is doing all the things needed to make sure he understands about Bearcat football and the direction it's headed in. I want to thank Chris for giving me the time to learn more about his recruiting. I've spoken with hundreds of players over the course of being in this business and can tell you some program is going to get a great young man in their program when all is said and done. Chris is very well spoken and very polite. If Chris makes it to the combine we'll make sure we get an update on his recruiting at that time and we'll also keep Bearcat fans updated on his interest in the Bearcats.

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