Eugene Clifford Definitely Uncommitted

Bearcat fans enjoyed the chance to watch and cheer last season for two former Colerain Cardinals and are looking forward to watching and cheering for another this fall, but one Cardinal many Bearcat football fans are keeping an eye on is keeping his interest close to the vest during the early parts of his recruiting. Bearcat Insider has the latest on Eugene Clifford.

When Bearcat Insider recently interviewed Eugene Clifford, the highly recruited Colerain High School defensive back made sure not to discourage any of the schools presently recruiting him with his answers. And according to Eugene, there are plenty of suitors for this 6' 2"/ 190 pounder with 4.43 forty-yard-dash speed. He rattled off a list of Who‘s Who in college football as possible destinations for his gridiron services. "Cincinnati, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, Iowa and Illinois have all offered."

Most high school seniors attend summer football camps, but Clifford hardly needs the exposure, and his plans are anything but set in stone. "I plan to attend a few, but I don't know which ones yet."

Two years ago, the Cincinnati Bearcats snagged a trio of Colerain Cardinals (Andre Revels, Terrill Byrd, and Dominick Goodman). Eugene was asked if their presence helps Cincinnati's cause in getting him to attend UC, but his answer wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement. "It helps a little bit." Eugene was then asked if he considered Cincinnati to be a strong candidate despite such an impressive list of schools. His answer was again pretty noncommittal. "I'm really not sure yet." However he also stated that he hadn't made any decisions on any schools yet.

Eugene described himself as a good student and didn't have any concerns about being eligible to play football in college. He plans to take the ACT for the first time next month.

When asked if he had set any timetable for making a decision, Clifford's answer was again short and to the point. "I'll probably wait it out." He later stated that he really didn't think he'd make a decision prior to his senior season.

Clifford has been concentrating on track this spring and reports running a 22.12 second 200 meters. This has apparently kept him pretty busy because he didn't attend any college spring football games.

Geography will not be a concern in Clifford's college destination as he stated. "I'm really not concerned about that. Wherever I go, I'm pretty sure my parents will get there so that‘s not an issue."

Eugene was then asked if he was a fan of any particular school. "Not really. I like to watch everybody. Sometimes I watch three or four games at once."

Although Clifford has not made any officials visits since he‘s still a junior, he did admit to seeing a few Bearcat games at Nippert Stadium and shared a thought about each of his ex-Cardinal teammates. Andre Revels was first. "He's crazy, funny-fun to be around." Next came Terrill Byrd. "He's kind of quiet, but he'll shock you sometimes, and he‘s pretty strong." Last was Dominick Goodman. "He's cool. I used to hang around with him a lot especially during basketball season." Clifford also plays basketball for Colerain.

Recruiters are definitely trying to stay in close contact with this hot commodity, but it hasn't always worked. Eugene said he had spoken to two recruiters just yesterday but couldn't remember who they were. According to Eugene, the ultimate decision will probably be a group effort with his parents‘ input, but I'm not expecting that decision to be made any time soon.

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