Bearcats Offer Pennsylvania TE/DE

Coach Dantonio was busy this week in the Keystone state and Bearcat Insider has the latest word on another scholarship offer handed out by the Bearcats coaching staff.

Chris Drager in Jefferson Hills, Pennsylvania received a scholarship offer from Coach Dantonio earlier this week. Drager is a 6' 4"/235 pound two-way player (TE/DE) for Thomas Jefferson High School. In addition to Cincinnati, Chris presently holds offers from Stanford, West Virginia, Temple, and Penn State. Virginia Tech has also shown considerable interest but has not yet offered. On Wednesday evening, Chris was at the high school with his football teammates doing aerobics.

Drager has a very busy schedule. In addition to the aerobics every Wednesday evening, Chris found time to play football, basketball and track while maintaining a 4.1 GPA.

Bearcat Insider spoke with John Drager, Chris's father, about his son's recruitment. John is not new to the business of college recruiting. His older son, Jon, is a running back at Kent State and was the starter last season until a knee injury against Miami. Since Chris excels on both sides of the ball, John was asked which position his son prefers. "He's open. If he really likes the school, he wouldn't have a problem with either position, but if you asked him which he'd prefer, he'd probably say tight end. In fact, I didn't ask him what position Cincinnati offered, but all the others have offered him as a tight end."

According to John, every school seems in the running for his son's services. "He doesn't have a favorite, but he likes Stanford. He likes the West Virginia program, and he got invited to Virginia Tech for their spring game. He likes Virginia Tech too, but he's not ready to make any decisions now. He wants to look around. We plan to make a lot of trips this summer." John also talked about a time frame for this important decision. "I told him that it's smart to make your decision before football starts, but he seemed to indicate that he wanted to wait until the end of football season."

As reported by Dave Berk of Bearcat Insider earlier this week, Drager's high school teammate, Dom DeCicco, was also offered by UC. John gave his impressions of Dom. "Excellent athlete. We call him ‘little' Dom because his dad's about 6' 4", but Dom is about 6' 3" and goes about 200 (pounds). His dad is a big weight lifter and had a tryout with the Steelers and made it until the last cut, but young Dom is a good athlete. He's extremely quick. He was the top scorer on the basketball team." Dom and Chris have been friends since youth football, but John didn't think they'd necessarily be a package deal for some lucky college. "They may have casually talked about going to the same school, but it's not like they have to."

Many would look at Cincinnati and think its outside its comfort zone by competing against schools like Stanford, Penn State and West Virginia, but John Drager doesn't necessarily agree. "If he went to the school and liked it and the coaches, that would affect his decision. It's got to be the whole thing-the school, coaches and program. He's open."

With his older son Jon at Kent State, John was asked if he'd like to see both boys at the same school. "On one hand that would be nice, but I‘m thinking about Chris. I want him to go where he'll be happy. I really don't care where he goes." Jon is 6' tall and Chris is 6' 4" so John was asked about his height. After a bit of a laugh, John replied, "Well I used to be 5' 10", but after gravity set in and if I stand real straight, I might be 5' 9". My wife had a grandfather that was pretty tall."

Bearcat Insider plans to talk to the Dragers again later in the summer to get any updates.

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