Bearcats Summer Camp Day One + PHOTOS

Bearcat Insider was on hand for the first day of camp and saw some very impressive prospects take the field. One, even walked away with an offer by the time the day ended while others saw their stock rise. Here is a breakdown of the day along with some photos from camp.

Sunday opened the University of Cincinnati's official camp season as a great turnout took to the field turf of Nippert Stadium looking to impress the Bearcats coaching staff with their football ability. While much of the buzz surrounding the first day of camp came from the expected arrival of those players on the Ted Ginn Tour Bus, there was still plenty of talent to look at.

The start of the day saw athletes register at the front entrance of the new Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village. Greeted by members of the Bearcats administrative staff, players then worked their way to tables manned by the Bearcats football coaches. Small talk was heard as coaches and players who knew each other joked and talked about how things have been going and those new to the staff were greeted as if they've been on campus before.

Players then made their way to tables to receive the practice jersey they would wear during the day's events. Some players were given red, some white and some black. Each jersey had a number and the players first and last name on the front of the jersey.

The next areas players headed for was the stadium field as camp staff were ready to get heights and weights of those who were participating in the days events. Before the camp got fully underway Coach Mark Dantonio would great the campers and any family members as a group in the new Lindner Center auditorium.

Campers were told what to expect during the day and then heard from the Bearcats training staff about the importance of reporting any injuries and keeping hydrated during the day's events. Then camp coaches were introduced followed by the rest of the Bearcats staff. Each player was asked to follow a respected coach to the field and then it was time for action.

While some players worked out on the Nippert Stadium turf others headed up to the new lawn for drills. All prospects would at some point be in the stadium and you could hear players talking about how sweet they felt the stadium was.

Forty times were taken along with a few other special drills and then players were given position specific coaching for their position. Towards the end of camp many were watching as the skill players went after it in some 7-on-7 drills.

Coach Dantonio then addressed the campers as a group and they were released to talk with their recruiting coach.

While some dreams were sure to take place (Junior Brandon Beachum received an offer) during the day, many were disappointed about their performance and hopes of having a scholarship offer made.

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