Copeland Ready To Explode

One prospect looking to open the eyes of college coaches is looking to have a fast start to his senior season and earn offers from more college programs. BCI had the chance to watch and speak with Josh Copeland about how his recruiting is going.

I've had the chance to watch Josh Copeland on the football field the past two years. Each year his Fairborn Skyhawk teammates take part in several passing tournaments in the area and allow those diehards the chance to watch skill player's progress.

While Copeland should be getting more press and interest from college coaches this summer he knows time is on his side. When you possess above average athletic skills and combine it with the size needed to play at the next level, it will only be a matter of time before you earn the offer you want.

The Dayton, Ohio area is blessed with high quality football talent. This year many have talked about the skills of Carlton Peake from Trotwood Madison while Josh Copeland goes under the radar. Having seen both players in person I understand why many get excited about Peake, but while he stands about an inch and a half shorter than Peake and needs to add a few more pounds on his frame, I feel Josh Copeland can be just as good of a player as Peake.

Both players competed during the combine and while Copeland didn't post the 40 time you would like to have seen, he didn't struggle in his coverage skills. From what I saw on Tuesday night I know Copeland can play at the next level. Copeland has good football instincts and what I call game speed.

While 40 times are used to judge one area of a prospect they can also be misleading. If a player is trained in the proper skills of running he will post a better time. If he's a raw talent he may show a lack of running knowledge that doesn't give him as good of a time as his ability shows. Copeland fits in the later. While he's not a turtle he doesn't get a good start when he runs his 40's. But on the field he never seems to be off a play even when he's pitted against a player known for having outstanding speed.

Not much has changed for Copeland as other players continue to get major press clippings and bag offers while he sits around working for his own. But while Copeland hasn't seen the offers come as expected from the higher level programs, several of them are expressing high interest and waiting for game film from his first two games of the season. "Michigan State and Purdue both want to see film from the first two games this fall. Both have expressed their interest in offering if they see what their looking for in a player."

Tuesday night I had the chance to watch Copeland and his Fairborn teammates during a 7-on-7 tournament at Huber Heights Wayne. Copeland by far had those in attendance talking about the skills he was showing from the quarterback position. While he's projected as a safety in college expect Copeland to post some high numbers as a quarterback this fall.

While Josh didn't record a great 40 time in Louisville, having seen him on the field at full speed allows me to say he's a major talent waiting to explode this fall. Josh and his Fairborn teammates will be on the campus of the University of Cincinnati and on the field at Nippert Stadium on Wednesday to compete in the Bearcats passing tournament. A strong showing could open the Bearcats coaches eyes in the process.

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