Indiana Lineman Looking Around

As the Bearcat football program continues looking for offensive line help, could this Indiana offensive lineman be far down their wish list? Bearcat Insider checks in with this under the radar prospect.

Coach Dantonio has indicated on a few occasions that he hopes to take 4-6 offensive linemen in his 2007 recruiting class. One offensive lineman that wouldn't mind getting a little more Bearcat attention is Mike Switzer from Lawrence North High School in Indiana. Mike has certainly shown the University of Cincinnati coaches that he has a sincere interest in becoming a Bearcat. Mike drove down from the Indianapolis area to attend a UC spring football practice and the Coach Dantonio senior camp this summer, but after speaking with Mike, the interest may be one-sided to this point. "The last time I've really talked to them was probably at the camp this summer. I've gotten some letters in the mail, but I haven't been in contact with Coach."

Lawrence North High School was eliminated from the state tournament a couple weeks ago with a 5-6 record. Unlike Ohio, Mike said every school in Indiana gets to play in the state tournament. With the season now over, Mike has turned his attention to where he'll be playing his college football next year. Ball State made a scholarship offer last summer. "I'm taking an official visit to Ball State the first weekend of December. I've been visiting other schools. I went to IU yesterday and have been to a game at Northern Illinois."

Despite having only one solid offer, Mike wants to be patient. "I'm keeping things open. There's still other schools sending me mail and talking to me a little bit. I like Ball State, but I want to wait a little bit longer and see what comes my way. I want to get some senior tape out and go from there."

This 6' 5"/280 pound lineman believes he can bring some versatility to the school that ultimately signs him. "I'm probably a tackle, but I've also played guard and center. I played all three this year so I can play anywhere, but I've usually played tackle. I'll play anywhere they put me." Cincinnati doesn't have much experience at the center position, and Switzer does has some experience. "I played center my junior year and three games this year so I can play there."

Even though Switzer hasn't been getting recruiting calls from Bearcat coaches, he's still watching UC games. "Yeah, I just saw them the other day against West Virginia."

With one solid offer on the table, Mike doesn't want to wait too long to make a college choice. "I'd like to make a decision soon, probably by mid-December. I'd like to get this all over with. I'm going to get back with some coaches from a couple different schools and see what they think. Then I'll know for sure."

Ball State has been very patient and haven't pushed Mike for a decision. "They offered back in June and have said I was the #1 offensive lineman or whatever so I can sort of wait it out with them. They've told me to take my time."

Zac Kasparek of New Brighton Area High School removed himself as a possible Bearcat offensive lineman when he committed to Akron this weekend, but Mike Switzer still seems to be further down the Bearcat wish list. The first two weekends in December look to be a busy time for recruits taking visits so we should start to learn more in a few more weeks.

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