Posey On Hand For Junior Day

DeVier Posey of LaSalle High School can see the University of Cincinnati from his home so attending UC's Junior Day on Sunday wasn't difficult, but can the Bearcats convince this local blue chipper to stay at home and play his college ball in Clifton?

For years Bearcat football fans have had to wish the local blue chip recruits well as they went off to football factories like Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan, Tennessee and Florida to play their college football, but the Bearcats are now on more even footing with those traditional powers since UC is a member of a BCS conference with a legitimate chance to compete for a national championship. Add a dynamic head coach and an enthusiastic staff to the equation and for the first time ever, Cincinnati football fans are feeling confident about UC's chances of landing that "bell cow" recruit that will help convince other local stars that Bearcat football can take them where they want to go.

With his frequent appearances on campus, DeVier Posey of LaSalle High School has shown an inclination to be the young man who reverses the recruiting trend. Posey has made three unofficial visits to the Clifton campus since December 13. Prior to yesterday's visit, he saw the Bearcat basketball squad upset Xavier and was also present for UC's only Big East win against West Virginia. DeVier talked about his unofficial visits. "The first time I went down I went to the Crosstown Shootout, and today was the Elite Junior Day so I really had to go because UC's on my list, and I wanted to show them that I'm still interested. Plus, I had a couple friends (Mike Adams and Jake Stoneburner from Dublin Coffman) from upstate coming down, and I wanted to see and talk to them." The three stars met and became friends during a trip to Ohio State recently.

For Bearcat fans that haven't had the chance to see him play, DeVier was asked to describe his game. "I'm a 6' 3"/195 pound wide receiver that can move. I have good hips and good footwork. I'm kind of slippery on the field making it really hard to tackle me. Being 6' 3", I can go deep and be a possession receiver, but I can also get the YAC (yards after catch). My 60 yard runs are often 5 yard hitches or 10 yard digs that I turn into bigger plays, but I still have a lot to improve in my game too." DeVier said he ran a 4.4 forty-yard-dash last spring.

The scholarship offers continue to roll in for DeVier. Ohio State, Northwestern, Virginia, Indiana and Ohio University have all made offers in addition to Cincinnati's, but the three sport star at LaSalle says the process hasn't been overwhelming. "My mom keeps it to a minimum, but so far it's been pretty good. I haven't seen the bad part of recruiting yet." A decision is definitely not imminent. "We should have it down to five by the start of football season. I'm planning to take my officials and have a decision after the season."

Can the Bearcats be a legitimate contender for DeVier's services? "I see guys leaving the city all the time when they could help their home program, but I'm not really concerned about them. I just want to go to a place where I can play and be comfortable. I think Cincinnati is that kind of place along with a lot of other schools, but I've got a year to narrow it down."

Some have suggested that the basketball team's early commitment from LaSalle sophomore forward Danny McElroy, a good friend of DeVier's, may help in Cincinnati's recruitment of Posey. "We've talked about it, but it really doesn't come up too much. When we're together, we're not usually thinking about the recruiting process."

The Bearcat football program does have a connection to Posey by way of DeVier's sister. "I knew a couple guys like Khalil El-Amin. He used to go to school with my sister at Purcell Marian."

What does UC have to offer DeVier? "It's a nice high profile school in the Big East. They have great facilities and academics. It's right up there with all the other programs. Coach Kelly and Coach Hinton really want to turn it around and make it a national program, and it's on its way to that."

Unlike many other Ohio kids, DeVier wasn't raised as a fan of any school or conference. "I didn't really grow up watching football. I was too busy playing."

Academics shouldn't be a problem for this multi-talented athlete. "There were only two quarters that I didn't make the honor roll at LaSalle, and that was during my freshman year. I have a 3.3 GPA." DeVier hasn't yet taken a college entrance exam.

LaSalle plays in the GCL South, probably the toughest league in Ohio so the Lancers have some other Division IA talent. DeVier commented on some of his teammates. First was Chandler Burden. "Chandler Burden is 6' 5"/280. He can really run. He runs a 4.9 or 5 flat forty. He's an offensive lineman right now, but he's probably going to transition to defensive line. That's where he does the most damage. We put him in on goalline last year a few times, and the way he breaks through the line is amazing. He's being recruited by a lot of schools."

Next was linebacker J. K. Schaffer. "He's a real tough player, about 6' or 6' 1". He's in the 1,500 Club at our school. He's the strongest football player on our team. He was our 3rd leading tackler last year behind Ben Martin and Billy Parker."

LaSalle coaches have mentioned Bilal Clemons (6' 2"/230) as a possible Division IA guy. "He's another linebacker that we had. Since we had Ben Martin, J. K. Schaffer and Billy Parker, Bilal didn't play too much linebacker this year, but he did have a big interception that we scored on. He's really good and a real strong guy. He just needs to work on the mental part of the game. He was always a quarterback and last year was his first year at linebacker. Once he transitions and knows everything, he'll be fine."

The last player was injured early last year, quarterback Brendan Jones. "Brendan is a good kid. I have a good relationship with Brendan. He's about 6' 3' or 6' 4". He tore his labrum in his shoulder last year and had surgery. He should be the leading passer in the league next year."

Bearcat Insider will check back with DeVier over the summer.

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