Roy Roundtree Visits Cincinnati

One of the better football teams in the Dayton area next year will be Trotwood-Madison High School. The Rams made the Ohio Division II playoffs last season with a 7-3 record, and Roy Roundtree should help them return to the playoffs in 2007.

One of the many high school players attending Cincinnati's Junior Day last Saturday was Roy Roundtree of Trotwood-Madison High School. Roundtree caught 48 passes for 851 yards and 7 touchdowns last year in his first season with the Rams. Bearcat Insider recently spoke to Roy about the Bearcat program and his recruitment.

As Cincinnati changes to Coach Kelly's spread offense, receivers become even more important. The Bearcats identified receiver as a position of need in its 2007 signing class by adding at least four wideouts. There will be two senior receivers next year for the Bearcats so UC will likely include at least two wideouts in their 2008 class. Roundtree, when asked about the UC program, sounded like a player that could be interested in filling one of those roster spots in 2008. "I like the coaching staff, campus, and the way they run things. They showed us around, and everything really looked nice. I got the chance to meet with the wide receiver coach (Charley Molnar) and quarterback coach (Greg Forest). I really liked it."

Judging from the receivers recruited in 2007, this Bearcat staff likes height at that position. Roy would seem to fit that profile since he's 6' 2" and 185 pounds. Roundtree has no firm offers yet but said he's getting interest from a variety of schools including Ohio University, Kentucky, Bowling Green, Toledo, Texas Tech, and Ohio State. With that size and 4.5 forty-yard-dash speed, it's only a matter of time before one of those schools pulls the trigger and makes an offer.

Academically, Roy has continued to improve. He said he had 3.3 GPA last quarter and plans to take the SAT for the first time in April.

With so many players from Trotwood-Madison being recruited by Cincinnati, Roy thought it would be a good situation if several decided to become Bearcats. "It would be nice with it being close to home with a nice campus and nice facilities. There's probably a good chance." Roy indicated that he would love to continue his career in college with his high school quarterback, Domonick Britt, but all the Trotwood kids are very good friends.

Roy stays busy at Trotwood. He comes off the bench for the 19-1 Ram basketball squad. He also runs track in the spring to help with his speed. The Trotwood basketball team is beginning tournament play this week, and the #2 ranked Rams have a legitimate shot at winning the Division I state championship. Roy said the Rams are presently ranked #43 in the nation.

Maurice Douglas, head football at Trotwood-Madison, commented on his star receiver. "Roy has a great work ethic. He's probably one of the hardest working kids I've ever been associated with since I've been here. He practices like he plays the game. He goes 100% all the way through practice so when it comes to the game, it's second nature for him."

Even though it's still very early in the recruiting process for juniors, Coach Douglas has a theory about why a guy with these kinds of measurables hasn't already landed a college scholarship offer. "I think the fact that he transferred over from Dayton Belmont, and they didn't have a transcript on him. But I just got a transcript on him today, and after five quarters, he has a 2.8 in his core classes."

Roy Roundtree is too good a prospect to go too long without a scholarship offer. As he hits the spring combine circuit and summer senior camps, he'll no doubt start collecting his college options. Bearcat football fans will be watching to see if the Bearcats are the first to make an offer.

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