Trotwood-Madison Could Be Good To Cincinnati

In preparing to write a piece about Roy Roundtree, Trotwood's star receiver, I got the chance to speak with Maurice Douglas, Trotwood's head football coach. Coach Douglas gave his evaluation about a number of his players being recruited by the Bearcats.

Maurice Douglas, Trotwood's head football coach and ex-Chicago Bear, and his staff remind me a great deal of Doc Gamble and his staff at Withrow High School. They are very proactive when it comes to recruiting, and they are more than willing to take their guys to camps, combines and junior days to help with their recruitment. They also keep track of their kids after they graduate from their schools and continue to provide advice and guidance for their young men.

Coach Douglas made himself available to talk about a handful of his players that attended Cincinnati's recent Junior Day. After talking about Roy Roundtree (information included in Roy's story), I got the Coach's opinions on Ike Washington, a projected middle linebacker/defensive lineman. "Ike has been a three year starter for us. He's been our fullback, ‘Mike' linebacker or whatever else we need. He's a guy that I think will probably end up having his hand in the dirt in college. He's a wide load right now. He's just under 6' 2" and is up to 260 (pounds). He runs really well and is very thick. He benches about 340 right now. He's a really, really hard working kid and will run between a 4.78 and 4.85 forty, somewhere in that area."

Next we talked about Jamiihr Williams, projected as a "Sam" linebacker. "He's a big, athletic kid who makes a lot of plays. He's 6' 2"/223 (pounds). At the All-American combine last year, I think he ran a 4.68. He's going to do extremely well at the next level, and he's going to do well for us next year. We're going to play him at the ‘Sam' with a little bit of ‘Will.' He does a great job of playing in space, but he also does a great job of covering, which I think will make him even more marketable. He could possibly even be a strong safety at the next level. Even though he's 220, he's a lean 220, and he's got the kind of body that he could do it."

A player that has transferred to Trotwood after helping Dayton Alter to the state championship game in 2006 is Michael Shaw (6' 1"/192), a running back/safety candidate. Coach Douglas talked about his most recent addition. "He's known as ‘LT' (Ladanian Tomlinson). He's a 10.76 open 100 guy who is stronger than people think. He can do just about anything. He's got all the moves, and he's a great student as well. He has a 3.3 in his core and scored a 1450 on the SAT. He's already eligible academically."

The most highly recruited football player of the bunch is Trotwood's tight end, Brandon Moore, who just added an offer from Florida State this week. Coach Douglas talked about Moore, and UC's chances of landing a player of his caliber. "I think they have a great shot. I know Brandon's brother is going to UC and that will be a big factor, but he was just offered by Florida State today so you still have those major powers continuing to come to the plate for him. Still, I could see them (Cincinnati) landing a kid like that."

Maybe the key to getting multiple Trotwood players is getting its quarterback and leader, Domonick Britt (6' 5"/195). Clearly, Coach Douglas loves this kid and his versatility. "He is our version of a Vince Young/Randall Cunningham type. He's got that long, lean body, but he's a kid that will do extremely well at the next level, especially if he gets into an offense similar to Cincinnati's. He can make all the throws, but he can also do things with his feet." Could Domonick play elsewhere if he doesn't work out as a quarterback? "He could play free safety and be a monster. If he isn't the hardest hitting guy on our team, I haven't seen him yet. When we do some drills, we let him go, and guys are falling. He's dropping guys."

Coach Douglas expects to visit a Cincinnati spring practice again this year. "Yeah, I'll probably come down there to a couple practices. I want to come down there and checkout the new offense that they've installed. Also I want to see how Greg Moore is doing." Moore is from Trotwood –Madison and a perfect example of how Coach Douglas continues to follow his guys in college. "I think last year was a big year for him. I think he proved that he did have the durability they were looking for. If he can come back with another solid year in this new system but still show the consistency that's needed, I think he'll have an opportunity (at the NFL)."

Bearcat Insider appreciates Coach Douglas taking the time to talk with us, and we'll continue to follow these recruiting stories.

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