Cincinnati Continues To Recruit Elder

Cincinnati has had pretty good success recruiting Elder the last few years, and the Bearcats will have four Panthers on next year's roster. At least three more Elder players visited the Cincinnati campus last week. Bearcat Insider recently spoke with one of those visitors.

Two Elder Panthers (Tony Carvitti and Bill Poland) played their last game as Bearcats in the International Bowl, but the Cincinnati roster should still include four Panthers (Bradley Glatthaar, Digger Bujnoch, Craig Carey and Mike Windt) in 2007. The Cincinnati staff may be looking to replenish its roster with fresh Elder faces as three juniors visited UC last week. One of those juniors was Nick Olthaus.

Olthaus is expected to be a three year starter at receiver for the Panthers in 2007. Nick stands 6' 1" and weighs in the 180-185 pound range with an estimated 4.5 forty-yard-dash speed.

Nick has enough interest in the Bearcats to attend Cincinnati's Junior Day on February 17 along with his father. Nick explained how the visit came about. "My head coach said they were interested in me going up there. I got up there and talked to a lot of the coaches. It's a nice facility, and everything is really nice. They seem to treat everyone the same, and I think that's really important so that's why I'm interested in them." Elder defensive back, Stephan Burnham, also attended last Saturday, and Kyle Rudolph (TE) made an unofficial visit during the week.

Other schools currently showing interest in Olthaus include Akron, Kentucky, Central Florida, Michigan, Ohio State and Vanderbilt although no official scholarship offers have been made at this early date.

To aid in his recruitment, Nick plans to attend some combines and camps. "I've going to a couple of combines and the Ohio State and Notre Dame camps."

Brian Kelly's new spread offense is one of the factors making Cincinnati attractive to this outstanding local receiver. "Yes, definitely, their offense will make an impact on the decision making, especially for receivers and quarterbacks and even running backs. How much they throw the ball is important."

Since the Bearcats have had a number of Panthers in recent years, Nick was asked his opinion of the home town school. "It's my home city so I definitely wouldn't mind going to UC, but of course, I'm going to check out every school in this decision. Some of it will be if I want to stay around here, but I wouldn't mind going to UC at all."

As a receiver, Nick identified his strengths. "I've been asked this before. Colleges have shown interest in me after seeing my tapes. Although I'm not 6' 4" or 6' 5", I have the same speed as them, and I'm willing to run routes others don't want to run. I don't mind getting hit. In fact, I love it. I'm willing to go across the middle, and my mindset is to catch the ball. I'm not thinking about getting hit."

Last season Nick estimated 600 receiving yards, but the personal highlight of his year came in a victory against GCL rival LaSalle. "My best game was against LaSalle when we won by one point in overtime. I had 11 catches for about 130 yards and a touchdown. That was by far my most exciting game last year. I felt like I had done my part to help us get the win."

Academically, Nick estimated his GPA to be in the 2.5 range, but he said he's shown continued improvement in the classroom and has a "B" average currently. He has not taken either college entrance test yet. Nick hasn't decided on a major, but lately, he's been gravitating toward the sciences.

The 6' 1" receiver has two older brothers in the in the 6' 3"-6' 4" range that played on the offensive line at Elder. "My mom always tells them I'm the athletic one in the group." Nick may be the fastest Olthaus, but he also admitted he wouldn't mind to have his brothers' height.

Bearcat Insider will check back with Nick over the summer.

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