Bearcat Insider TV - Official Show "FREE"

We've done the taping and editing and have loaded the first official Bearcat Insider TV Show onto the web server. The show is just under 25 minutes and we hope you enjoy.

On Friday you had the chance to view a sample of what we are looking at doing in the future with Bearcat Insider TV.  After a few tweaks and a morning of taping on Friday at the University of Cincinnati we're ready to unleash the first official show of what we hope will be many to come.


Friday morning saw Doug Goodwin and Dave Berk head to the University of Cincinnati for the first official taping of Bearcat Insider TV.  With a goal of having a couple of special guest we hoped to bring Bearcat fans something no-one else is bringing them.  Mike Elston and Ron Lehman were our special guest for the show.


Coach Elston touched on several subjects from the tight-ends, special teams and recruiting during his segment.  Ron Lehman who is in charge of the equipment for all Olympic Sports talked about his job and gave us a tour of the equipment facilities located on the first floor of The Richard E. Lindner Varsity Village.


We hope you enjoy and look forward to having more shows for you in the coming weeks.


Bearcat Insider TV 3-15-2007

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