Andre Revels Makes His Move

After a series of frustrating injuries, this Colerain High School grad is beginning to make his move for more playing time. Bearcat Insider recently spoke to the man I call "Popeye."

Andre Revels came to the University of Cincinnati after helping lead the Colerain Cardinals to an Ohio Division I state championship.  He was the starting middle linebacker and emotional leader for what many believe was the best high school defense to ever play in the Queen City.  He signed a letter of intent with Cardinal teammates Dominick Goodman and Terrill Byrd to play football for the Bearcats but has struggled to find playing time while his two friends have excelled in the college game.  As true sophomores, Byrd was named 1st team All Big East and Goodman was the MVP of the International Bowl.  Unlike his buddies, Andre redshirted as a true freshman and saw his first game action last season where he appeared in seven games and recorded five tackles.  But judging from what we've seen in early spring practices, all that's about to change.  Andre seems healthy again and his work in the weigh room is obvious as he swings around those Popeye sized arms from his first team middle linebacker position, but like many good athletes, he's taking nothing for granted.  "It feels good right now, but there's still work to do and big competition.  People playing behind me are really, really good, and there's competition every day."


Over the last two plus seasons, Bearcat Insider has spoken to Andre on a number of occasions, and he has been very humble about his ability, a stark contract to his demeanor on the field.  Being humble was taught to him at home.  "My mamma taught me to be that way."  Andre doesn't lack family support.  His uncle Joe has always taken a great interest in Dre's career despite living in California.  "He told me he's going to come to a lot of the games, and he was really excited about the San Diego State game because that's right up the road from him."  Joe set a pretty impressive precedent when he started returning to Cincinnati from the West Coast to see his nephew play at Colerain so seeing Andre in college should really test his frequent flier miles.


As mentioned, Andre has arms the size of Popeye's, and he's excited about seeing what new strength coach, Paul Longo, can do for his overall strength and conditioning.  "I feel great about Coach Longo's system.  I love the Olympic lifts.  It's not always about bigger, faster, stronger.  It's more about speed and quickness.  My forty time went down a tenth of a second after eight weeks, and everything he's saying is proven and working out."  When asked about his forty time, Andre wasn't forthcoming.  "That's a secret.  That's between me and them.  I don't want anybody to know.  How fast I move on the field is the question."  Andre experienced chronic problems with his hamstrings during the last two years but now feels totally healthy.  "Everything is good with the hammies.  They gave me some special shorts, and I haven't even felt them in a while."


A couple months ago, the Bearcat football program uncharacteristically was involved in a controversy as allegations surfaced that UC football players had involved recruits in unsavory activity while on a visit.  Andre was asked about the responsibility of Bearcat players when hosting recruits.  "You can go out and have a good time, but you have to stay inside the rules.  You can't get yourself into trouble because of one night.  It doesn't make any sense to me."


Being a complete student/athlete is important to Andre.  "I've been busting the books as much as I've been busting the playbook, and everything is working out.  I was surprised by how well things are going."


Andre has an infectious smile and pleasant demeanor, but football is taking preference over finding a sweetheart.  "I try to stay to myself.  I try to put football first and work on everything else second-no girlfriend."  He did leave the door open for a relationship after the season.  "If the right one comes along, have her call me."


The Cincinnati/Colerain contingency got a little larger this spring when Kerry Coombs joined the Bearcats as defensive back coach, but Andre hasn't received any preferential treatment from his old coach.  "Coach Coombs has been down here busting my chops every day.  He hasn't said one good thing to me.  I'm looking at him right now so he knows I'm saying it about him, but that's his way of giving encouragement and it's fine with me."


Revels has shown the ability to get to the football this spring, but as usual, he deflects all the credit to someone else.  "It's the result of good coaching.  They teach me how to read and how to run to the ball.  I do what they say, and it takes me in the right direction."


There is still a long way to go before the opening game on August 30 against S. E. Missouri State, but Andre Revels looked poised and ready to make his move for more playing time.

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