Thomas Does It Again With Kelley Hall Hire

For University of Cincinnati athletics director Mike Thomas hiring coaches has become second fiddle since taking over the reins of the Bearcats program from Bob Goin. Hiring his third major coach in the past twelve months proves Thomas knows how to run a department and how to be prepared for any and all obstacles that may arise.

His latest hire proves Thomas has vision and passion in taking UC Athletics to the highest possible level within the Big East and also on a national level.


The official announcement of J. Kelley Hall as the new women's basketball coach shows Thomas leaves no stone unturned while looking for the highest qualified candidate.  Not only did Thomas bring in a coach with a history of success, he also brought in a basketball family as both J. Kelley and his wife Meredith understand the grind of the college game as well as the X's and O's.   The former Meredith Sisson played on the college and pro levels while also having a coaching background.  This understanding makes for a unique situation and one player's will be able to take from.


But while the above is special for any college program it's the understanding that recruiting will drive the Bearcats program to a new level.  One that Kelley Hall understands from his years of working as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator.  The women's program has a solid base and one Kelley Hall will look to grow into a national threat.  As head coach of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Kelley took a program with a 300+RPI and made them into a top 60 RPI program this past season as well as a NCAA at-large team in the Women's Basketball Tournament.


We have a special One-on-One video interview with Coach Hall as well as with Bearcat Shelly Bellman.

J. Kelley Hall One-on-One Video

Shelly Bellman One-on-One Video

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