Moore & Shaw Talk About Cincinnati

On Friday several of Ohio's top high school football prospects visited the Bearcats practice. Two who really turned the heads of those watching practice were Brandon Moore and Michael Shaw of Trotwood-Madison High School. Both are considered high ranking prospects and each hold offers from the Bearcats and other major programs.

Bearcat Insider spoke with each of them after their visit to get their thoughts about Cincinnati and recruiting as a whole.


Michael Shaw

Running Back

6'1 – 190 lbs.

Offered: Yes


In Brian Kelly's offensive attack the need for a powerful running back is a must.  Not only must the running back have the power to run between the tackles, he must also be strong enough to take on rushers to help protect the quarterback while still being able to be a release valve when needed.  Michael Shaw fits that mold and the Bearcats have shown major interest in Shaw over the past several weeks.  Bearcat Insider has this special video interview with the Trotwood-Madison running back.



Brandon Moore

Tight End / Wide Receiver

6'6 – 245 lbs.

Offered: Yes


Brandon Moore is not your average tight-end prospect in the Class of 2007.  A hybrid flex tight-end, Moore has great athletic skills while still needing work on his blocking.  While major programs have come calling Moore has some ties to the University of Cincinnati and the Bearcats have made an impression on him with Brian Kelly's pass-happy offense.  Bearcat Insider spoke with Brandon to get the latest on his recruiting.


BCI: Brandon as one of the top recruits in the Midwest, what did you see on your visit to Cincinnati?


BM: I saw a very intense practice and a practice I could see myself taking part in.  I really like the facilities and like Cincinnati a lot right now.


BCI: You have family ties at Cincinnati; will that play a part in your recruiting?


BM: Yes, I've got a brother who goes here and runs track and he'd love for me to come here.  He runs the 400 hurdles here and I've also got a cousin going here and both have told me they'd like to see me go here.


BCI: You've got a lot of programs looking at you, who are the one's that have caught your eye?


BM: Cincinnati, Michigan, Miami, Florida, Florida State, LSU and a few others.


BCI: What do you feel is the strength of your game and the area you need to work on?


BM: I've got real good receiving skills at my position and very good speed.  I need to work on my blocking because I've not really been a tight end until last year.

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