Wednesday, April 11-Practice #9

It was a rainy day in Cincinnati, and practice was even stopped at one point to let the lightning get through before the next storm hit. Despite the bad weather, Bearcat Insider was there to see all the action.

There were a few more recruits today than on Monday, but most of them came from a Dayton area high school.


-Kevin Huber continues to show an NFL caliber leg.  The knock on Huber has been his consistency, but Kevin is showing more confidence as he's the front runner to earn the punting job.  I saw only one shank today, and that kick still bounced for 30-35 yards, but Huber has routinely kicked 50 yard punts and occasionally nails a 60+ yarder.


Curtis, Harrison, Gilmer, Worthy, Dick


-Huber Heights Wayne was well represented today with five players on campus.  The leader was Jerel Worthy, a 6' 2.5"/285 pound offensive/defensive lineman.  Stephen Curtis, a 5' 10"/185 pound running back prospect with a 4.4 forty, came along with Troy Gilmer (6' 1"/200).  Troy played quarterback last year but should line up at running back or wide receiver this season.  Dustin Harrison at 6' 1" and 210 pounds projects as a linebacker/defensive end, and David Dick, a 6' 3"/285 pound transfer from Chaminade-Julienne, will play defensive tackle for Wayne next year.


George Winn


Luke Stein


-From Connor Barwin's high school of University of Detriot-Jesuit came George Winn, a 5' 11"/183 pound running back along with his parents, and visiting from across the river was Luke Stein from Highlands High School.  Ricardo Thompson has become a frequent visitor, and walk-on hopeful Joey Homan from Chaminade-Julienne attended his second spring practice today.  David Dick who played with Homan last season had nothing but praise for the linebacker.


-There was a scrimmage right in the middle of practice today.  A few of the defensive highlights that I saw were turned in by previous walk-ons.  Ryan Manalac (LB) got a sack, and Evan Sparks (S) intercepted Craig Carey.


-From the 7 on 7 drill, here are some of the bigger plays.  Grutza hit Goodman for 20 yards, and Carey matched it with a 20+ yard strike to Mike Daniels.  Tony Pike had been throwing the wet ball high all day but managed  to hook-up with Charley Howard for a 20+ yard reception and a 30+ completion to Kurt Shoemaker.  Nike DeFilippo looked much better at his new position of tight end today.  Andre Revels should have had an interception when he broke nicely on the ball but let a Carey pass slip through his hands.


-In the red zone drill, Haruki Nakamura intercepted Grutza at the goal line which prompted a classic Coach Kelly reply, "That's the safety, Dummy."  Dustin then promptly completed his next two throws for scores.  DeAngelo Smith flashed his fabulous hands when he made a diving interception of a Craig Carey toss.  Later, Mike Daniels hooked up with Carey and made a very nice catch in the corner of the end zone.


-There did seem to be a little shake-up in the offensive line.  From left to right, I saw Bujnoch, Bolton, Jurek, Canfield, and Linkenbach. 


-Ryan Manalac picked up his second interception of the practice on a throw from Grutza on 1st and goal.  Manalac then sacked Grutza in the team drill right before Corey Smith did the same thing.  Hoke got a TFL of Butler Benton.  John Goebel had the best run in the goal line situation against the #3's when he ran 9 yards for the only score.


-Other big plays in team drill were a 25 yard completion from Grutza to Jared Martin and a 20 yard completion from Carey to Goodman.


-Dustin Grutza returned to his spot with the #1 offense.


The next practice is Friday, and Bearcat Insider will be there to report all the action.

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