Friday, April 13-Practice #10

As the sun returned today, so did the Bearcat football players after an off day on Thursday. Bearcat Insider was there to see much of the action.

Practice #10 is in the books, and we are two/thirds the way through spring practice, but a number of position battles resumed today as many local recruits watched from the sidelines.


-Colerain High School was well represented today at practice.  Evan Davis, a 6' 4"/245 pound offensive lineman, along with Evan Borchers (6' 3"/260 lb.) watched practice with a focus on Coach Quinn and the offensive line drills.  Davis already has an offer from Bowling Green where his older brother is a sophomore starting defensive end.  Fellow linemate at Colerain, Brandon Kluener, also has an offer from B. G.  In addition to the two Cardinal linemen, Quentin Sims of Colerain also watched practice.  Sims is 6' 3" and 190 pounds and could play either receiver or quarterback next season.  Sims' father was a running back at Oklahoma.  None have a Cincinnati offer at this point.


-Matching the interest of Colerain's contingency was a group from Turpin High School.  Luke Kelly, a 6' 4" 210 pound linebacker that could project as a defensive end in college, watched the action with a couple teammates.  The Spartan quarterback Ryan Martin (6' 2"/190) and his favorite target Andy Cruse (6' 4"/205) paid close attention to the Bearcat passing game.


-Fred Craig of St. Xavier High School made an appearance at today's practice.  Craig is the 6' 1"/205 pound safety for the Bombers that holds a UC offer.  Fred also recently picked up an offer from West Virginia to play linebacker.  Cincinnati is recruiting Fred as a safety.


-The two that made the longest drive were twin brothers Mitchell and Myles White from Livonia, Michigan.  Mitchell is the quarterback, and Myles is his favorite target at Stevenson High School.  Both boys are 6' 1"/170 pounds.  Mitchell could project as an athlete and has jumped 6' 8" in high school track.


-Brandon Yingling (K) returned to practice today.  He cannot suit up in full gear until he has participated in two practices.


-Coach Kelly continued to get after people including senior-to-be Mike Daniels.  "Mike, you're running out of time.  You're a senior.  Get the offense."  Despite being a spread offense with the quarterback primarily in the shotgun, there is a lot of misdirection in the running game, and a number of players were struggling with the concepts.


-I noticed a few changes in the #1 units today.  I saw Ken Rodriquez return to the #1 left guard spot.  Andre Revels got most of the snaps with the #1 defense at middle linebacker, but Ryan Manalac also got some reps with the #1's later in practice as did Anthony Williams at OLB.


-Haruki Nakamuri showed his kamikaze style of hitting when he put a big hit on Doug Jones in a scrimmage situation after the jumbo tight end had broken a tackle by Andre Revels.


-Other highlights included a tackle for loss (TFL) of John Goebel by Lamonte Nelms.  Angelo Craig had two nice plays when he batted a Craig Carey throw down and got a TFL of Jacob Ramsey.


-Terrill Byrd recorded a TFL, but I didn't see who the runner was.


-John Goebel broke the rush of the day when he bounced outside and raced down the sideline for a 30 yard gain.  I really hope the staff keeps Goebel at running back.  That is easily his best position in my opinion.  On Wednesday after Dave interviewed Goebel for Bearcat Insider, John was concerned about his hair being messed up for the video interview.  I teased him that he should have done the interview with his helmet on, but as he trotted away after the interview, he said his mom would kill him if his hair looked too bad.  This is a really great kid.


-Torry Cornett put a big hit on Goebel in the backfield before John could do anything.  I know the Bearcats will miss Kevin McCullough, but with Cornett, Revels and possibly Manalac at MLB, I think they are going to be in good shape.  I would feel pretty good with any of the three out there.


-DeAngelo Smith picked off Carey.  DeAngelo Smith doesn't have John Bowie's speed, but no one on the team has DeAngelo's hands.  They're amazing, and it seems he gets a pick almost every day.


-Tony Pike (in my opinion) had his best day throwing the football.  I felt he threw better than anyone else today.


-Ryan Manalac got another interception today, but it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.  Goodman stretched out for a pass and actually knocked it into the air to Manalac.


-The Bearcats worked on some 2 minute drills today.  Craig Carey made some nice throws moving the offense into field goal territory as time was running down.  The Bearcats tried to get one more play before kicking the field goal, but Carey took too long to throw the ball away and time ran out.  Coach Kelly immediately started schooling the young quarterback.


-Later, Carey and Goodman hooked up for a couple touchdowns in the red zone.  The first toss was to the corner of the end zone, and the second was a throw he had to zip between tight coverage at the goal line.  Goodman made a nice grab too.

-After practice I heard Coach Kelly talking to the squad about the goal of winning 10 games and playing smart.


The teams for the Bearcat Bowl have been drafted by the coaches, but the squads won't be released until tomorrow.  Even the players don't know the rosters yet.  Action starts again tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

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