Saturday, April 14-Practice #11

It was a cold and rainy day in Cincinnati, but the Bearcats took to the wet Field Turf at 9:30 a.m. as scheduled. Practice closed with a 65-70 play scrimmage.

Only the hard core Bearcat football fans attended today's practice in the cold and rain, but Bearcat Insider was there to see all the action.


-The only recruit I saw was Dorian Jenkins, a 6' 1"/210 pound quarterback, from Arlington High School in Indiana.  Dorian's father accompanied his son and said he coached a player from Warren Central High School (Adrien's Robinson's school) named Sherman Brooks (approx. 6' 7"/300+) who is expecting to walk-on at Cincinnati.


-Bearcat signees Rob Trigg, Frank Becker, Ricardo Thompson and Montez Patterson attended today's scrimmage.  Bearcat walk-on Joey Thomas also attended today's scrimmage with his father.


-At the beginning of today's practice, the field goal unit got its reps.  Most of the kicks were from 30 yards and closer, but the final kick was a 55 yard attempt by Jake Rogers.  Rogers didn't hit a beautiful kick, but it went through the uprights with about 5 -10 yards to spare.


-In today's one-on one drill, Dominick Goodman twice sent Haruki Nakamura to the turf twice by running excellent cuts in his pattern.


-The Bearcats ended practice with a 65-70 play scrimmage.  Here's what I saw without describing any plays.  The scrimmage started with the offense in a 1st a goal situation with Grutza and Carey interchanging frequently.  The #1 offense always went against the #1 defense.  Glatthaar run +1.  Grutza incomplete-wisely throwing the ball away.  Glatthaar no gain.  Carey incomplete pass.


-The #2 offense went against the #2 defense in goal line situatiion.  Benton run +1.  Ferguson misses interception of Grutza pass.  Goebel run +1.  Carey to DeFilippo for touchdown.


-The #3 offense vs. the #3 defense at 3 yard line.  Ramsey run +2.  Ramsey touchdown.


-The offense got the ball at its own one yard line with #1's vs. #1's.  Glatthaar no gain.  Grutza to Martin +10.  Glatthaar run +1.  Carey to Stewart +5.  Ramsey run +10.  Carey to Ramsey +2.  End of possession.


-The #2's vs. the #2's.  Glatthaar run +1.  Carey to Barnett +8.  Grutza to Giddens +6.  Ramsey run +3.


-The #3 units.  Goebel run no gain.  Goebel run no gain.


-Offense sets up at its own 30 yard line with #1's.  Grutza to Goodman +2.  Glatthaar run +3.  Grutza to Guidugli +10.  Grutza keeper +6.  Glatthaar run -3.  Grutza intercepted by Mickens in the flat, and Mike took it into the end zone.  Touchdown defense.


-#2's offense and defense.  Carey to Barnett +1.  Carey incomplete after Ramsey drop on shovel pass.  Carey incomplete.  End of possession.


-#1 vs. #1.  Hoke tackle for loss.  Carey incomplete.  Carey to Goodman +15.  End of possession.


-#2 vs. #2.  Grutza to Giddens +12.  Grutza to Giddens +15.  Grutza to Barnett +13.  Grutza to Barnett +3.  Grutza coverage sack.  Grutza sacked by Trevor Anderson -5.  Carey sacked by Anthony Williams -5.  Grutza arm hit by Anderson as Dustin throws.  Grutza keeper +4.  Carey coverage sack.  Grutza to Martin incomplete with good hit by Cedric Tolbert to jar ball loose.


-I lost track of the offense and defense at this point because I was talking and watching.  Here are the plays.  Ramsey run -2.  Carey incomplete.  Carey incomplete.  Charley Howard run +10.  Goebel run +8.  End of possession.


-The #3's vs. each other.  Pike pass complete for 1st down.  Pike to Kurt Shoemaker +6.  Pike to Shoemaker.  Pike to Ramsey.  Pike to Shoemaker for 32 yard touchdown.


-#3 groups.  Goebel run +1.  Pike incomplete.  Pike to Wess +12.  pike to Shoemaker +12.  Pike shovel pass.  Pike to Howard +25.  Pike to DeFilippo +7.  Pike to Shoemaker +7.  Pass interference of Shoemaker in end zone.  Pike to Wess for touchdown.  End of scrimmage.


We'll have a story about Ben Guidugli in the next day or two.  Also, the squad will be split evenly for next Saturday's Bearcat Bowl.  If you're interested in seeing the rosters of the two squads, visit

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