Alvin Mitchell Recruiting Update

Bearcat Insider spoke with Alvin Mitchell early Sunday afternoon to get the very latest on the sharpshooter from Florida.

As I was checking out of the local Meijer's store last night, another customer seeing my Bearcat garb struck up a conversation about the UC basketball program. The first person he wanted to talk about was Alvin Mitchell. He was excited about the prospects of getting such a great scorer after suffering through last season.

Last Wednesday was the beginning of the second signing period for college basketball players, and some fans started getting nervous when UC did not release the expected news that Mitchell and Jason Henry had signed. There were other internet reports that Florida State had put on a late charge to keep the talented Mitchell in the Sunshine State.

Bearcat Insider spoke with Alvin early Sunday afternoon to get the very latest. "Everything's done with. I signed last Thursday. My mother signed, and it's already been sent back up there."

Despite verballing to the Bearcats a month ago, apparently some schools did try to change Alvin's mind, but he made it clear that he's a man of his word. "A lot of schools were still there and tried to push, but I told everybody I wanted to go to Cincinnati. I tried to be honest with everybody and told them I had made my decision." He did admit that Florida State was one of the schools that pushed to get him to change his mind. "They did push, but by the time they did start, it was already too late in the process."

Alvin can't wait to get to Cincinnati. "I've can't wait to get up there. I've been working like crazy. I can't wait for school to get out." Alvin said he will be enrolling at UC for the first summer session.

Mitchell had been on spring break for the last two weeks.

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