Monday, April 16-Practice #12

Today's weather was certainly better than what's it's been, but practice was pretty uneventful. Here is some miscellaneous information along with some comments by Coach Gilmore about the defensive line.

Today's report will jump around a bit with information about recruits, some changes at practice and other information.

-Jayme Cromer from Brownsburg High School drove down from the Indianapolis area with his father who is also his head coach. Jayme is a 6' 2"/215 pound linebacker that runs a 4.6 forty. He has no offers yet but is getting interest from Kentucky and Indiana.

-Evan Davis, the 6' 4"/245 pound offensive lineman from Colerain, returned to practice today with his parents. Evan's brother is a starting defensive end at Bowling Green, and Evan holds an offer from the Falcons. Unless I totally miss my guess, Evan got an offer from the Bearcats today. I'll check with him later tonight or tomorrow.

-Today was the first day that I've seen Steve Gawronski (OL) at practice, but he wasn't in gear. Steve is listed as part of the black team roster for the spring game, but from what I saw today, I highly doubt he'll play in the game.

-I was told that basketball recruit Anthony McClain was expected on campus last weekend, but my source did not see the big man.

-The east end zone stands have insignias for each of Cincinnati's bowl games. The International Bowl will be joining the group but won't be ready for Saturday's Bearcat Bowl.

-Expect a $3 charge for event parking on Saturday. There's a track meet at 11:00, baseball vs. UConn at 3:00, and the Bearcat Bowl at 7:00.

-The most significant event at today's practice was Tony Pike was getting the first snaps with the #1 offense. Tony had two good days of practice at the end of last week, but I really think this is a case of no one claiming the quarterback position-just like last year.

-As we enter the final week, here is the #1 O-line from left to right-Bujnoch, Rodriguez, Jurek, Canfield and Linkenbach.

-The #1 defense hasn't really changed much except for the battle at middle linebacker. Andre Revels remained the first option, but it looked to me that in obvious passing situations Manalac may move to the middle. Delbert Ferguson and Anthony Williams were also seeing some reps at the outside linebacker spots. Other than cornerback, the defense looks like it'll have good depth.

-The quote of the day belongs to Kerry Coombs. "You're playing your way to the bench, Martez!"

-Longo Beach has apparently found a home. Coach Longo said in our article a couple weeks ago that he wanted a place to put some sand for conditioning drills. That spot looks as if it will be behind the home bench at Nippert. The sand will arrive after the spring game.

-Jared Martin is questionable for Saturday's game.

-Highlights from the team "tag off" scrimmage are as follows: Trevor Anderson got a sack.

-Mike Mickens batted a Tony Pike pass that Corey Smith intercepted. It was the only pick of the day.

-Kurt Shoemaker continues to get open and catch the football. Remember Kurt was a quarterback at Anderson High School and originally went to Akron on a scholarship but transferred to UC as a walk-on and was moved to receiver.

-Dominick Goodman dropped a ball today. What does it say about Goodman when it's news when he drops a ball?

-Anthony Hoke should have intercepted a swing pass from Dustin Grutza. It would have gone for a defensive touchdown.

After practice I spoke with Coach Gilmore for a few minutes about his defensive line. How deep can the Bearcats go on the D-line? "I feel we can go two deep with a spare at the defensive end position and a spare at the defensive tackle position."

Coach Narduzzi recruited a smaller defensive tackle for his defense. Will this staff be looking for a bigger, run stuffing tackle? "We run a little bit different defense, and it's more assignment oriented as opposed to flying up the field and playing with a lot of speed. The guys we have here can get it done, but as we go through the recruiting process, we will probably get a little bit bigger kid."

Isn't it tougher getting those bigger run stuffers? "What we try to do is take kids that are maybe tall and slender and build them up. By the time they're in their second or third year, they're ready to play and have the size we look for.

Then we went to our no-huddle questions-asking for short, quick responses about each player mentioned. Trevor Anderson-"Great intensity, hard worker, good football player." Terrill Byrd-"Very talented, great pad leverage, one of the best in the Big East." Adam Hoppel-"Very steady kid, good team player, leader." Jon Newton-"Good utility guy, knows the defense, can play any where you want him." Anthony Hoke-"Great speed, got to get better with his technique but a good speed player." Ricardo Mathews-"Great upside, good size and strength, just a little bit young, got to continue to improve." Angelo Craig-"Has great ability, good size, could possibly be a pro prospect if he gets himself together. He's got the tools NFL guys are looking for." Chris Harrison-"A young player who's got to get in better shape. Uses his hands well with a good upside, going to be a good player for us." Donnell McKenzie-"Pleasant surprise, very strong, explosive. In the mold of Trevor Anderson, going to be a good player for us."

Coach Gilmore was asked about the possibility of Curtis Smith/Young returning. "He's got some eligibility issues he's trying to get together. I'm not sure what all he has to do at this point, but I hope he'll rejoin the program."

Of the recruiting class, who will be with him in August and could contribute? "Rob Trigg, Randy Martinez and John Hughes are all good, young players, but at this point, I don't see them in the mix. We'll probably play with the guys that are here. Maybe those guys will evolve after they get here or if we have injuries, but I think we have enough guys to get the job done for this year." John Hughes will start out with the defensive linemen.

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