Thursday, April 19-Practice #14

I've seen all fourteen practices this spring and need to thank a number of people. The coaches and players have been great along with the entire support staff of Coach Longo, the managers and trainers. Special thanks to Kelby Siler and Mike Harris. With today's practice being the last one before Saturday's Bearcat Bowl, it was short and sweet-same as today's report.

This will be the shortest practice report of the spring. The guys were in helmets and shoulder pads, and a normal practice lasts for twenty-four 5 minute quarters. Today's practice was only 15 quarters long.

-Yesterday I spoke with Coach Coombs about Marshwan Gilyard (CB). Today Gilyard attended practice and is looking forward to rejoining the team in August. He will give the squad some much needed depth at cornerback.

-The only recruit at today's practice was LaSalle's Brendan Jones. Brendan is a 6' 3"/195 pound quarterback. He injured his shoulder in the last scrimmage prior to the season last year. He will likely get considerable interest from schools once he proves himself healthy again.

-The Red offense went against the Black defense and vice versa today. The staff tried to give each of the squads a little experience with their new teammates today before playing together on Saturday.

-Bearcat Insider wants to say good-bye to two of the football managers-Jimmy Lough and Jeff Hummer. We got a picture of Jimmy today, but Jeff was out preparing for his life's work. They're both good guys and will be missed by the football program and Bearcat Insider.

Jimmy Lough

Today's special practice report guest was Coach Jones of the Bearcat running backs. The experiment of moving John Goebel to receiver is now officially over. John will be with the running backs in August.

Here's our no huddle interview where Coach Jones gives a quick comment about each of his guys.

-Butler Benton-"Smart guy. Understands our offense. He knows where he belongs in our schemes. Sharp, athletic guy."

-Greg Moore-"Big physical guy. He understands our offense as well. He's been a little banged up, but when he's healthy, he can make some plays for us."

-Bradley Glatthaar-"Physical. Powerful. If you want to get two or three yards, give it to Bradley, and you know he'll get it for you."

-John Goebel-"Exciting. He's going to be an exciting player. Good instincts. Good feet with natural cut ability. He can cut. He can catch. He can run."

-Jacob Ramsey-"Hard worker. Determined. Physical. Has instincts and good feet. He's also going to make plays for us. Our young guys have a lot of potential."

Coach Jones talked about what he wants in his running backs. "We call our back a hybrid back. He needs to have wide receiver abilities. He needs to look like a receiver sometimes, but he also needs to be able to block. He needs to be able to run the ball, and I look for natural cutting ability. I need guys with an instinct for cutting. I don't want to have to coach them up on those kinds of things."

Of the newcomers, Montez Patterson will definitely be joining the group in August. Coach Jones described what he likes about the Hughes Center runner. "Big, physical guy. I saw some natural cut ability out of him. I saw him catch the football. I saw him block; he was a physical guy. He was also a local guy so I was excited to get him."

Coach Jones was also asked about Mister Simpson. "He's trying to handle his academics. If he gets his academics together, he'll be a part of the team." Simpson will join the running backs if/when he arrives.

One player that a number of coaches are interested in coaching is Tahree McQueen. If things don't work-out with the defensive backs, expect Coach Jones to lobby for his services at running back. "You hit it on the head-Tahree McQueen. That guy's a playmaker. He can run. He can catch. In my opinion, he's going to help this team somewhere. As the running back coach, I'd be excited to get a guy like him."

With three seniors in his group, will UC look to add three running backs in the 2008 class? "We'll definitely add two and possibly three in the next recruiting class." Jones likes to have a stable of six backs.

Well, that's it for this spring although I'll probably write a report about the Bearcats Bowl. Thanks to those who took the time to give me their positive feedback. Sometimes that feedback is what keeps me going. I love spring football, but I'm beat. Hope to see many of you at the game on Saturday.

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