Ike Washington Being Overlooked?

Trotwood-Madison has a number of players with Division IA offers, but Ike Washington so far isn't among them. Is the big guy being overlooked?

Having talented teammates like Domonick Britt (QB), Jamiihr Williams (LB), Roy Roundtree (WR), Brandon Moore (TE), and Michael Shaw (RB) can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. One of the positives is players of that caliber will certainly get the attention of hundreds of college coaches, but that many elite players at one school could also cause someone to be overlooked. Could that be the case for Ike Washington of Trotwood-Madison High School?

Barring injury next season, Washington will be a four year starter for the Rams. In the past, he's primarily played linebacker and fullback at Trotwood, but at 6' 2"/280 pounds with a reported 4.75 forty, he's probably best suited for the defensive line in college. This year he expects to expand his role and possibly give college coaches a preview of what to expect from him at the next level. "I'll play some linebacker, D-tackle and a little bit of fullback."

In an effort to get the needed exposure, Ike has been willing to travel this spring. "I've been to the Nike camp at Purdue and the camp in Cleveland."

Washington, unlike his teammates, has yet to land his first offer from a Division IA college although he's getting considerable attention from some impressive BCS schools. "Cincinnati, Nebraska, Iowa, and West Virginia are showing the most interest." Division IAA Jackson State in Mississippi has already made a scholarship offer.

Coach Douglas of Trotwood-Madison told Bearcat Insider in an earlier interview that he sees Ike playing on the defensive front in college. "He's a guy that I think will probably end up having his hand in the dirt in college. He's a wide load right now. He benches about 340." Most schools agree with Coach Douglas's assessment, but not everyone as Ike pointed out. "Most schools are recruiting me as a defensive tackle, but Nebraska is looking at me as a fullback."

When these Trotwood kids have been interviewed in the past, they've talked about trying to stay together on the college level, but Ike gave a slightly different version of the plan. "Most of the people on offense want to try to stay together, and the guys on defense want to stay together."

Many of these young men have played together for years, and Ike is excited to be reuniting with Mike Shaw, a transfer from Dayton Archbishop Alter. "We played pee wee football together so I'm excited that he's come back." The Rams qualified for the Ohio state playoffs last year but were eliminated in the first round by Edgewood High School, a team they had beaten during the regular season. The addition of Shaw, who helped Alter to the state finals in Division II, makes Ike very optimistic about 2007. "We made the playoffs last year but lost in the first round. With Mike our goal is to go all the way."

In a perfect world, this only child gave his preferences. "I'd like to play in a nice conference like the Big Ten, Big 12 or Big East and stay close enough to home so my mom can come to the games. It doesn't have to be extremely close, but I just want her to be able to attend a few of the games."

In addition to playing football, Ike is also a second baseman on the Ram baseball squad. Can you imagine sliding into this hulk trying to break up a double play?

Washington doesn't believe his grades will scare anyone away. "I have a 2.5 GPA and would like to major in chemistry."

The Division IA scholarship offers may not have been extended yet, but the smart money says this young man will certainly see them before he signs a letter-of-intent next February.

Bearcat Insider will check back with Ike later in the summer.

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