Bearcat Football Ticket Sales

For years Bearcat fans have been forced to listen too much of the local fan base and media ridicule the UC football program. Frankly, one area that fans couldn't push back on was attendance at Nippert Stadium. Let's face it, as alumni and fans we haven't kept up our end of the bargain.

Filling up Nippert for Bearcat football in the past was the punch line of a joke. But this isn't the same old Bearcats, somehow everything is different now.


Last year Bearcat fans received something we have never had before, it wasn't the victory over Top 10 Rutgers on national TV, been there done that (remember Penn State & Wisconsin). It was what happened afterwards, and you know what I'm talking about. The big let down that has happened so many times before as a Bearcat fan you just expect it. Win big, next week laid an egg. I was expecting the let down so much that I walked out on the UConn game because I was sure it was coming. A late field goal to win the game insured that the let down didn't come. That was different.


Within 48 hours we learned that our coach was skipping town for his dream job? Well here we go again, the other shoe is dropping. But Mike Thomas had other plans, he stepped in and did something that none of us expected, he upgraded the coaching staff! As frustrated as we all were when Mark Dantonio left is there anyone who can honestly say they wouldn't trade 3 yawns and a cloud of dust for Brian Kelly Inc. I didn't think so, see the difference.


The big let down surely would come in the bowl game. Let's see, we went north of the border and brought home a trophy. No lack luster loss to a MAC team, ok that was different.


Since January we have been left waiting for the let down. Some media members even tried to invent the letdown. Scandal's that weren't and gloom reporting that has fallen flat. The let down didn't come, if fact things are looking up.


On May 31st round one of the UC marketing plan for football came to an end, a successful end. For the first time in years fans who wanted men's season basketball tickets didn't have to also buy season football tickets. Guess what, football ticket sales are up. Something is different this year.


The 1530 Homer Family section is sold out, gone, as in there aren't' anymore seats available gone. We can all thank Lance McAllister and the folks at 1530, nice work! The ticket office hadn't even started specifically marketing the family sections yet, still the tickets are gone. Something is definitely different. 


The end zone seats called Bearcat Lair (no affiliation with the other guys just a catchy name) has already sold 5 times more tickets than all of last year, its June 1! If you were thinking about the end zone you better move fast, supplies are limited. Are you feeling it?


Now here is the interesting part, the UC ticket office is just getting warmed up. Coming soon to a fan near you, a season ticket referral rewards program? A rewards program from UC? Our UC? UC is going to reward us for doing something and not just ask for money? Who are these people?


This weekend the Bearcat Caravan hits the St. Jude Festival and the Meijer Kids Fest downtown promoting the program. They will hit over 60 events this summer. Group sales and theme nights are on the way as well. Maybe filling up Nippert isn't so funny anymore; things really are different this year.


Bearcat Insider will periodically check in and provide updates to filling up Nippert.

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