Bearcats Pursuing Florida Athlete

Some of the Bearcat football staff was in Florida recently to met and evaluate talent. As a result of this trip, this Sunshine State athlete received a Cincinnati scholarship offer in the mail just Tuesday.

Florida is known for producing an abundance of Division IA football talent so it's not surprising that Brian Kelly would send some of his assistant coaches south to the Sunshine State to look for it. One player the UC staff discovered and obviously likes is Micah Powell from East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Powell is a 6'/190 pound running back/safety with 4.5 speed, but he's not sure where Cincinnati envisions using him if he decides to become a Bearcat. "They really haven't told me which position I'll play. Right now they're considering me for both." Despite East Lake High School being a 5A school (6A is the largest in the state), Micah was one of the few players to go both ways for the Eagles last season. He says he has no position preference. "I told the coach (Coach Elston) I'll play any position. It doesn't matter to me."

Some believe Powell is a big time talent that is currently flying under the radar because of Florida's deep talent pool so Micah was very pleased to receive his first written scholarship offer in Tuesday's mail. It came from the Bearcats. Other Division IA schools showing interest in Powell include Marshall, USF, Florida Atlantic, Vanderbilt, Iowa State and Indiana.

South Florida should be very familiar with Powell since his East Lake team has camped at the Tampa school every summer during his high school career, but Micah says a USF offer wouldn't necessarily end his recruitment. "Not at all. I'm willing to travel, and I'd be interested in any school."

When asked what he likes about Cincinnati, part of Powell's answer was somewhat unusual. "I really like the colors-red and black, and I like the location with it being in Ohio. I'm willing to travel out of Florida."

Midwestern weather can scare some Florida players, but Powell plans to visit the Cincinnati campus anyway. "I plan on seeing the school either during the summer of after my season." The idea of experiencing snow later in the year isn't a deterrent. "I plan to check it out, and I'm not scared of that at all."

Micah's estimated GPA is a 3.1, and he's already taken the SAT scoring an 880, but he plans to take the standardized test again and improve on that score.

At this time, Powell is in no hurry to make a college choice. "Right now I'm not expecting to make a decision until maybe halfway through my season."

Bearcat Insider will check back with Micah later in the summer.

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