No Pressure To Be A Bearcat

With a father who enjoyed a great career as a member of the University of Cincinnati football program one would think there would be a lot of pressure for a son to follow down the same path as his father. But according to Jared Rains his father just wanted what was best. As we know now heading to Clifton will soon be in the younger Rains future.

Danny Rains is well known by Bearcat fans as a hard-nosed Bearcat who enjoyed great success during his stay (1974-1977) on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.  A Claude Rost Award winner (Most Valuable Player) and honorable mention All-American in 1977, Rains and those of his day never seem to get the due they deserve but gave Bearcat fans something to cheer about in 1976 as they went 9-2 under head coach Tony Mason.

Today Danny Rains lives in Pennsylvania and has a son Jared Rains who just happens to be a pretty good football player in his own right.  Located in the heart and soul of Pennsylvania football country (Aliquippa, PA) Jared Rains understands the same things that made his father a success on and off the field.  Hard work and dedication to one's craft can lead them to reach great heights in life and fulfill lifelong dreams.  So it's no wonder today we report Jared Rains will continue his football career in Cincinnati as a Bearcat.

"There really was no pressure from my father or family to choose Cincinnati.  They wanted me to make the choice based on the things I felt I needed and Cincinnati had those things and was the best fit for me.  Everyone is pretty excited about my choice."

When asked why he felt it was the right time to pull the trigger Jared was quick to explain.

"I felt comfortable to end the recruiting process and pick Cincinnati after having visited several campus and camps.  I'd been to Pitt, West Virginia and others and Cincinnati had everything I needed.  Coach Tresey did a great job of recruiting me and we got to know each other pretty well.  I was very comfortable with him and all the coaches I dealt with when I was there."

One thing Jared has learned is this isn't the same Cincinnati that his dad enjoyed.

"He showed me all the things they didn't have when he was there.  The weight room and all the other things around campus have really impressed him."

While he didn't have the pressure from his father he did start to feel the pressure from other schools.

"There is a lot of pressure off of me now because I don't have to worry about dealing with other schools.  Dad wasn't too hard as he told me he would be happy with me going to any school I felt comfortable with."

While listed as a running back in the database Jared is not sure what side of the football he'll be lining up one just yet.

"The coaches haven't really said what position I'll be playing yet.  I could be a running back or move over to the defensive side of the ball."

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