Nippert Ticket Sales Follow Up

A few weeks Bearcat Insider reported ticket sales for UC football had gotten off to a fast start. We followed up this week to see where things stand as we move into the summer months.

With 72 days left before the season kicks off season ticket sales have hit 97% sales versus last year. In 2006 base season ticket sales were 6,464, another 3600 were sold thru teams, corporate deals etc… Last years total for the math impaired was 10,064, I used a calculator that tells you about my math skills. That ticket sales are nearly equal to last years this point is a significant fact. UC runs on a fiscal year that begins July 1, they are nearly equal to last year's final total and haven't started marketing yet. Not to bad.


The good news for bargain shoppers is that the 1530 Homer Family Section has added seats in Shank Pavilion. For my money those are the best seats in the house at any price. Don't think to long on this deal, at $199 for 4 tickets they won't last.


What I really wanted to give you were the details of the ticket referral program, push the program and get a prize. It's actually pretty cool and simple.  When a new customer calls and orders season tickets, they just need to let the friendly UC representative know who referred them. Note to all new customers; feel free to use my name. A point's system will keep track and 3 grand prizes will be awarded. Fans can also earn Adidas t-shirts, polo's, jackets, and lunch with Coach Kelly. The grand prizes include a tailgate party with tent prior to a home game, complimentary 2008 season tickets, and a HD ready big screen TV. For the record the big screen HD would look really good in my family room. We all better get moving fast, I've heard that a guy out in Mason has recruited at least 7 families into the 1530 Homer Zone already. UC is looking into getting a leader board online with updates and make it a fun contest, hey UC how about . Just a thought.


On a side note, UC is working on having a football night at a Reds game in July. The idea is to get a group rate for all season ticket holders and UCATS members. Think of it as a pre-season training for fans. Coach Kelly is scheduled to throw out the first pitch on July 24th, so I'm guessing that might be the target night if you want to pencil in your calendar.


Look for more updates in a couple of weeks from Bearcat Insider. 

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