Film Breakdown Evan Davis

We breakdown Evan Davis on film and see why Cincinnati pulled the trigger and offered so early. Davis was the Bearcats first commitment for the Class of 2008 in April.

It's no surprise Colerain High School would have a Division One football prospect.  In fact it's common for the Cardinals to have several each year as they work hard to advance deep into the state playoffs.  Former head coach Kerry Coombs didn't have far to look when the University of Cincinnati was looking for an offensive lineman to fit the mold of new head coach Brian Kelly's spread offense.

Evan Davis (L) with Sean Hooey

The beauty of the spread is your offensive linemen don't have to be your typical 300-pound plus lineman.  Quick linemen with feet and the ability to make multiple blocks fit the offense best and Evan Davis is an ideal candidate to have a successful career as a guard or center.

In this film breakdown we study why Evan Davis got the call from Cincinnati and why his upside at the next level is one that makes the Bearcats staff excited.

Watching offensive linemen on tape can sometimes be a bit hard.  A bunch of big guys bunched together can sometime make it hard to pick out one from the other.  But when watching film of Colerain you have the advantage of getting two shots and the Cardinals offensive line use wide gaps along the line to make it even easier.  Evan Davis is #51 for Colerain and will line up in these highlights at left tackle, jumbo tackle (tackle lining up at tight end) as well as on the right side of the field at the same positions.

On this film you get two shots.  The first one is from the side and the second one from the end zone.

Play One

Davis squares up the defender with a quick jam.  Watch how the hands explode from the waist up into the defender.  He then squares and drives the defender with quick strong steps keeping the defender from the play.

Play Two

Again Davis squares up the defender and then sticks to his man turning him allowing the running back the chance to go the opposite direction.  He then continues blocking his man until he records a pancake.

Play Three

Lining up as a Jumbo Tackle, Davis crashes down on the defensive end and then sheds to the linebacker and rides him downfield and to the ground.

Play Four

Moves over to the right side as the tackle and works a double team on the defender driving him down the field.  While this play is blown up I like how Davis works with his teammate on the double team.  Working in space while keeping his feet and balance are the keys I'm looking for.

Play Five

Lines up on the left side as the far tackle, watch how the defensive end lines up on his inside shoulder cheating on the play.  The end takes the inside as Davis pushes him inward and then sheds to a linebacker.  This is key to the play becoming a 15 yard gain.  The quarterback does a good job reading the block and keeping the ball.  He then uses Davis's block which is now five yards down field to gain the extra ten yards.  What I also like about this clip is after the play is over you can watch and see Davis has a little nasty streak in him.  Look at how he gives two defenders shoulder smacks as he walks back to the huddle.

Play Six

Lining up back at the Jumbo Tackle on the left side you can see how Davis keeps his feet.  The key to the spread is your quarterback or running back using their vision to take the hole that is open.  On this play the quarterback does a good job of reading how Davis has his man blocked and makes the right cut for positive yards.  Watch how Davis keeps his feet as the defender pursues the play getting blocked 8 yards down the field.

There are two more plays on this highlight you can view and see why Evan Davis received an offer from Cincinnati and has a chance to enjoy a very good career at the next level.

Evan Davis Jr. Highlights:

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