Point Guard Expecting Cincinnati Offer

As the Bearcats continue their search to include a point guard in their 2008 recruiting class, one player that fits the description is sitting and waiting to see if he gets a Cincinnati offer.

After another strong showing in the Adidas It Takes 5ive Classic in Cincinnati last weekend, Terrell Holloway continues to become a popular young man in recruiting circles. Bearcat Insider spoke to the Long Island point guard on Tuesday afternoon about recent developments. "I just faxed my transcript to Cincinnati today, and I think they are going to offer me a scholarship pending my transcript being okay."

In the last few weeks, Cincinnati's staff has apparently taken a liking to the versatile point guard. "I really hadn't heard from Cincinnati until after the NBA (Players Camp in Richmond, Va.) camp in late June (June 22-24)." Since Sunday's performance, Holloway has been in contact with Coach Cronin by way of text messaging.

In the Adidas Classic media program, Terrell was listed at 6' 3" and other publications/articles describe him as a combo guard. He laughed at the errors. "I'm 6 foot and 175 pounds. Someone on my team showed me that, but I'm a point guard."

Some schools have been aggressively recruiting Holloway for some time including a couple of Big East rivals that have already made scholarship offers. Terrell listed his complete list of offers. "I have offers from Houston, South Florida, St. John's, and Tennessee."

A very recent development has Terrell thinking about attending Notre Dame Prep next year. "I'm thinking about going there for a couple reasons. The competition would be better, and I want to play at the highest level possible to prepare me for college. Academics would be better too because it's a prep school." Terrell struggled in his English class last year and is taking a class on-line this summer to make up for the lost credit, but he estimated his GPA to be about a 2.4.

Another reason to transfer to Notre Dame Prep involves a recent and growing friendship with an AAU teammate, Troy Gillenwater. The big forward would like to take his AAU teammate to prep school with him. "Believe it or not, I just met Troy Gillenwater about three weeks ago, but we've been talking about it. He was in California and came back home a few weeks ago. We've become good friends. He's been wanting to go to prep school together, and I've been saying if we do that we ought to go to the same college together too."

When playing in these AAU tournaments, some players have very little time to actually see the campus, but Terrell made time to checkout a few places on Cincinnati's campus last weekend. "I got to see the cafeteria and the rec center and pool. I didn't get to see the practice facility because the lights weren't on, but I checked out the weight room."

Holloway is well aware of UC's need for a point guard, and he finds the situation very appealing. "It's definitely attractive. Whatever school I go to, I want the opportunity to be the starting point guard and to get to play. I don't want to go anywhere and have to sit down. I'd rather go and play." The Bearcats have reportedly made several offers to 2008 point guards and will likely take the first one to commit to the program regardless of where they rank that particular player in the group, but that fact won't rush Terrell into making a quick decision. "Basically, I want to sit back and see what happens. I don't have a time to make a decision, but I don't want to rush my decision either. I want to put myself in the right situation."

Getting to the basket is definitely a strength of Terrell's which he proved all weekend, but he said he is not a one dimensional offensive player. "I can hit the outside shot too, but it's kind of easy for me to get to the rim. If I take an outside shot, sometimes Coach Murphy's answer will be, ‘Why settle? Why Settle?' I will take the outside shot when we run a high screen and roll, and the defender goes under the screen. I just want to keep them honest."

Bearcat Insider will check back with Terrell in the next couple months.

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