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I first want to make the following clear. Bearcat Insider didn't travel to the Big East media day this week due to budget restraints and low subscription sales. We joined our fellow members of the local media by not covering the event and fully understand their reasons.


Give me a break… Yes, I can fully understand why no reporter was sent from the Post as it will end publication before the football season is over.  But to not send the beat writer from the Enquirer, a paper with reported total circulation of 206,320 during Monday-Friday is absurd.  If Bearcat Insider had 1 to 2 percent of the Enquirer's circulation, we'd have been in Newport, Rhode Island covering this event.

Here are the figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations.  These are averages for a six month period ending 3/31/2007.

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Total Circulation*

















While we all know budgets are tough for many, the fact is the Enquirer made a choice not to send its beat writer and should be held accountable for this lack in judgment and the backlash it's receiving.

This criticism is not directed to those who cover the team, but at management for allowing such an injustice to happen for the second straight year.

While the Enquirer did hire a stringer for coverage, it's simply not the same. 

We here at Bearcat Insider stressed about missing a chance to interact with all the Big East coaches as well as their top returning talent.  Add conference "Big Wigs" into the mix and Tim, Doug and I would have enjoyed about two weeks' worth of story content including video.

In fact we apologized for not attending this event.

While a competitor claimed they covered the event, the fact is their national guy covered the event and not them.  This would be like us claiming coverage of a national basketball event because of a story written by Dave Telep or Evan Daniels.  In our eyes, it's simply not the same.

Brian Kelly has a reason to be upset and disgusted by this lack of coverage.  Last year, Mark Dantonio also spoke about his embarrassed for his players, fans and school when the local media snubbed the event.  Do you think Coach Dantonio will have the same problem this year when the Big Ten holds its media day?  

The Cincinnati Enquirer is the city's newspaper and the source many residents still use to get their information.  While the internet has allowed for other forms of coverage, a newspaper is still considered by many as the standard in which news is delivered. 

On Wednesday I spoke with several Scout.com Big East publishers to get their takes on the local coverage given their team.  Each said there was plenty of coverage on the teams they covered and each commented on the fact Cincinnati didn't have a single person on hand for the event.  Should we be embarrassed? 

I did a quick search about coverage of media days and found the following information.  It seems Big East football isn't worth covering, but Dustin Dow covered the A-10 media days for Xavier fans in both 2005 and 2006.  I couldn't confirm but he also has mentioned covering Big East Basketball media day in 2006.  Is there a double standard for UC football? 

Bearcat Insider was started to fill an informational void in UC sports coverage.  As a staff we have worked hard the past 31 months to bring our members the most thorough coverage of UC athletics, but we've not entirely reached our goals and are still laying the groundwork to bring even more information about Bearcat sports. 

If you are a UC sports fan and are looking for an outlet to provide the most current and comprehensive news, look no farther.  We checked out the cost of a monthly subscription for the Cincinnati Enquirer and found it runs $16.31 a month or $195.72 for an entire year.  That breaks down to $0.54 per day. 

Bearcat Insider brings you stories on UC athletics, Bearcats recruiting efforts, team news, audio interviews and video interviews from a group that has attended more football practices than all the other media combined.  See why parents of current student athletes, current and former players and even those in the UC athletics department have come to trust Bearcat Insider as a quality source for news. 

A one year subscription will run $89.95.  That is $7.49 per week or only $0.25 per day.  Not only will you get news on the Bearcats, but also have access to all the stories published on the Scout.com network.

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