Britt Working With Trotwood Coaches

Trotwood Madison's talented quarterback, Domonick Britt, has made major strides in his fundamentals this summer. Some of the credit goes to Domonick's ability to accept coaching, and some credit goes to Trotwood's excellent offensive staff.


Trotwood Madison's head football coach Maurice Douglas knows the value of surrounding himself with good people so he not only has talented players but also talented coaches.  Douglas added Jeremy Beckham last season as his offensive coordinator, and Beckham recently added Coach Moeller from Vandalia-Butler to tutor his versatile quarterback, Domonick Britt.  Moeller coached Josh Betts (Indianapolis Colts) at Vandalia-Butler and looks to be working his magic again at Trotwood this year.  Bearcat Insider recently spoke with both Coach Moeller and Coach Beckham while they attended a passing tournament on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.


Coach Moeller talked about his star pupil.  "We're coming along, but we still have a long way to go.  We're working on fundamentals and his coming through over the top and taking some pressure off his arm and shoulder.  We're also working on him working his feet more."


Britt at UC Passing Tournament


The experienced Moeller sees Britt as a piece of clay.  "Yeah.  You try and take a guy like that who's so athletically talented and try to get him as fundamentally sound as possible.  We want him to limit mistakes and limit turnovers.  A guy like him can make throws any time he wants and any way he wants, but if we can get him doing things more fundamentally sound then we'll have him making more completions.  He has to be able to make plays for us."


Coach Moeller even used some basketball vernacular to express his thoughts on Domonick.  "Last year they had some problems with him overthrowing the ball or throwing the ball too hard, but he really has to be more of a point guard for us in this offense.  He needs to distribute the ball around and throw an easy ball to catch instead of throwing it so hard.  He just needs to be more consistent."


Some college recruiters saw Britt as an athlete, but the Bearcats apparently never wavered in looking at Domonick as a quarterback prospect.  Moeller agrees.  "I see him as a quarterback.  He's becoming a quarterback.  In fact, I just mentioned that to him last game.  He threw a 15 yard out route right over top of the linebacker and under the corner.  I told him now he's being a quarterback.  Anyone can be a thrower."


Coach Beckham is tickled to have added an assistant coach of Moeller's ability.  "I've known him for seven or eight years now, and when I heard he was going to become available, I felt it was a great chance to get one of the best quarterback coaches in Ohio on staff.  Offensively, I think we have one of the best coaching staffs in the state."  Jerel Freeman works with the Ram receivers, and Beckham credits him with developing Britt's fine cast of targets.  "Coach Freeman is directly responsible for what we have to throw to.  He does a really great job with our kids."


Domonick himself acknowledged that Coach Moeller has been a big help in his development.  "Coach Moeller has really worked with me on throwing the ball, and I'm getting more and more confidence."


With Mike Shaw, Brandon Moore and Roy Roundtree (all with Division IA offers) to go with Britt, Beckham knows he has exceptional talent.  "We see this as almost a college program.  If a player doesn't have a good practice, there are others who can easily take his place so every player needs to practice hard every day."


Trotwood has attracted some high profile transfers to the program, and Coach Beckham believes players want to play for a program with Coach Douglas' philosophy.  "Coach Douglas has been here since 2002, and he has a great track record of sending kids to college whether it be Division I or Division III.  Our number one goal is that all our seniors get a chance to go to college."


Britt is a very popular player on the Trotwood team, and Domonick has been rumored to be recruiting teammates to join him at Cincinnati.  Coach Beckham confirmed the rumors.  "You hear things in the locker room, and Domonick's no different than any other good player.  He wants to have other good players with him at Cincinnati.  I don't blame him, and Coach Kelly and his staff are making things very attractive here.  Our kids absolutely love Coach Forest (UC quarterback coach recruiting Trotwood)."


And Coach Forest probably loves Coach Moeller since the work Moeller is doing now with Britt will only make Forest's job that much easier next season.

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