Wednesday, August 8-Practice Report

Student manager T. J. Weil's quote sums up Coach Kelly's practices quite well. "I think we've done more running around in one week than we did all year with Dantonio." T.J. is right about that, but Coach Kelly turned up the intensity even more at this morning's (Wednesday) practice.


It was the first a.m. practice of the summer, but it was far from comfortable.  Coach Kelly decided to have a morning and an evening practice today (Wednesday) to try and get away from the hottest part of the day, but temperatures slowly rose as the sun inched its way onto Carson Field this morning.  There's no arguing the temperature was still very hot but not nearly as hot as Coach Kelly.  Regardless of where one stood on the field, Coach Kelly's screaming could be easily heard.


-With today's two-a-day practice, Bob Mangine and his staff of athletic trainers will use close to six thousand pounds of ice.  Yesterday they could barely fill the water bottles fast enough to keep up with the demand.


-As mentioned on our message board, Dave Berk's idea on media day of getting a photo of all the locals playing football at UC turned into an advertisement on six billboards around town.  It just goes to show that great ideas can come from anywhere, right Dave?


-Mike Mickens and Antwuan Giddens seem to be getting matched up a lot during practice.  These two guys have really gone after each other, and Mickens feels it's making both of them better players.  Both these guys have had very good summers so far.


-As mentioned earlier, Coach Kelly really dialed up the intensity today.  He was yelling at almost everyone.  In the last two days I've seen players, coaches and support staff all get a large dose of exactly what's on Coach Kelly's mind.


-Jason Kelce and his Mohawk haircut returned with the #1 offense today at center.  Chris Jurek was back at center with the #2 group, and Chris Flores replaced Jurek at guard. 


-The 11-on-11 drill was a nightmare for the offense.  Anthony Hoke intercepted Dustin Grutza and would have probably returned it for a TD in a game situation.  Ben Mauk made a really bad throw to the sideline that Jason Whitehead easily intercepted, and Craig Carey got picked at the goalline by Aaron Webster.  Overall, the yards were tough to come by for the offense.


-After the Oklahoma deal was announced yesterday, some fans started to revisit the reason for the cancellation of the Georgia series.  In a brief conversation with Mike Thomas today, he wants to remind fans that the Georgia deal was a 2 for 1, and Oklahoma is a 1 for 1.  He also talked about a 1 for 1 with Purdue and mentioned that UC has had conversations with UCLA about a 1 for 1.  The Bruins are receptive but the difficulty is finding a date that fits both schools' schedules.


-In today's 7-on 7, the biggest play I saw was Mauk rolling to his right and hitting a leaping Mike Daniels for a 20 yard gain.


Like yesterday, there was a short scrimmage at the conclusion of practice.  On the second play, an offensive player committed an illegal procedure penalty.  I generally don't single out a kid in a situation like this because anyone can jump and the identity of the offender isn't important-what happened afterward is.  As punishment, the entire offense was made to run while the offender stood in the middle of the field and watched his teammates be punished for his mistake.  By the way, the young man didn't commit another penalty during the scrimmage, and after practice, he seemingly punished himself with a length of the field up/downs.


*Benton carry +6.  Mauk scramble +6.  Mauk to Barwin +8.  Benton carry +1.  Benton carry +12.


*Grutza keeper due to bad snap (Jurek).  Grutza to Wess incomplete.  Glatthaar carry +9.  Carey QB sneak for 1st down.


*Collaros to Goodman +20.  Daniels carry +5.  Collaros to Goodman broken up by D. Smith.  Angelo Craig TFL of Benton -3.


*Daniels carries (breaking tackles) +9.  Carey to Martin incomplete with good coverage.  Ramsey carry +4.  Moore carry +5.  Ramsey carry +5.   

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