Wednesday Night & Thursday Combined-Practice

Today's report will combine comments from last night's practice along with comments/observations from this afternoon's practice.

First of all, I need to give credit where credit is due.  A Bearcat Insider tip of the helmet to both Bill Koch of the Cincinnati Enquirer and Josh Katzowitz of the Cincinnati Post for attending daily practices for a solid week, especially in this heat.  I'd suggest Bearcat fans read Brian Kelly's daily diary in the Enquirer and visit Josh's blog for additional UC information.


-Wednesday night's attire was shells.


-I've noticed David Wess as a possible holder for kicks.  I really like this idea for obvious reasons.


-Bob Mangine has been using so much ice at practice that the Dusing Bros. have parked a truck full of ice next to the field rather than continuing to deliver it.


-In kickoffs last night, Jake Rogers put one 5 yards into the endzone and another kick to the 5-yard-line.  Brandon Yingling kicked his first attempt out of bounds but followed that with a kick to the goal line.


-Justin Moore, the walk-on cornerback from Colerain, got his first interception of the summer when he picked Tony Pike.


-Kashif El-Amin, who is Khalil's younger brother, told me last night that he will be a captain on Purcell-Marian's football team this year.  Kashif and Khalil don't look like brothers at all.  As Bearcat fans know, Khalil is a big offensive lineman and Kashif is a defensive back.


-The highlight of the 7-on-7 was a nice one handed 30 yard grab by Earnest Jackson from Craig Carey.


-Zach Collaros continued throwing the ball well in last night's practice.  He hit Marcus Barnett down the sideline for 30 yards, although the ball was dropped, and he came back to hit Guidugli for 25 yards on the next play.


-Tony Pike got a lot of reps last night and again today.  Coach Kelly would like to name a quarterback but the list of legitimate candidates seems to be growing instead of shrinking.  See Josh's blog for Coach Kelly's comments regarding this.


-In last night's 11-on-11, Ben Guidugli made a one handed catch on a 30+ yard toss from Craig Carey.  Butler Benton, Antwuan Giddens and Connor Barwin also made nice catches.


Thursday's report


-I thought it was the hottest day yet.  Tommy G of showed me a thermometer that read 137 degrees on the field.  Ouch!


-I was very happy to hear from Joe Homan (LB) today that Will Johnson is eligible and practicing at West Virginia.  Will played at Centerville last year and had verballed to the Bearcats at one point.  Joe (Chaminade-Julienne) will be joining the Bearcats at some point, probably once school starts when the roster can be expanded.


-The overall attitude of this team has amazed me.  They're a full week into practice and coming off their first 2-a-day session and back in the scorching heat, and I see guys really putting forth an effort. 


-Haruki Nakamura missed practice to attend a long time friend's funeral.  The young man was an ex-teammate of Haruki and committed suicide.  Our condolences to Haruki.


-Mike Mickens picked Dustin Grutza in the 1-on-1 today.  Getting those picks in the 1-on-1's is tough.


-The squad took two 5 minute breaks today for water and cool down.


-Khalil El-Amin continued to get reps with the #1 offense at right tackle, and Delbert Ferguson got reps with the #1 defense at the "sam."


-Here are the highlights from today's scrimmage to end practice, Tony Pike was intercepted by Cedric Tolbert. 


-Andre Revels had two tackles for loss (TFL) and assisted on a third.  Nice day for Popeye.


-I had Butler Benton with 5 carries for 8 yards.


-I had Tony Pike throwing 5 for 7 with two touchdowns although all plays were at the 10-yard-line and in.  Giddens made some nice YAC to get into the endzone, and Goodman bounced off DeAngelo Smith to get the second score.


-Once Coach Kelly and his staff pick a starting quarterback and a back-up, the reps will be about 70% to 30%.

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