Thursday, August 16-Practice Report

It was a warm morning at Higher Ground and the first of two practices. Bearcat Insider files this report.

The squad was in full gear this morning.


-Ken Rodriguez returned to his left guard spot with the #1 offensive line.


-Attention to special teams' play occurs in almost every practice.  A lot of coaches preach the importance of special team play but spend very little practice time working on it.  That's not the case with this staff.


-True freshmen John Hughes (DT) and Rob Trigg (DE) are both getting some reps with the #2 defense.  We'll have a story on those two freshman in the next day.


-Whereas some players are turning to unusual haircuts to break up the monotony of summer practice, Haruki Nakamura has taken a different approach.  The Bearcats senior has changed the color of his hair to a somewhat redish/blonde.  He could literally brighten up a room too.


-Walk-on defensive back, Justin Moore, got an interception today after receiver Adrien Robinson batted the pass into the air.


-DeAngelo Smith (CB) and Marty Gilyard (WR) had some good match-ups today.


-In a scrimmage, they went live from the 3-yard-line and in.  Here's what happened.


*Glatthaar run +2.  Pike to Barwin +1 (TD).  Moore run +3 (TD).  Manalac recovers fumble.  Benton run +1.  Guidugli run +1 (TD).  Carey to DeFilipo +3 (TD).  Moore run  +2 (TD).  Jones +1 (TD).


-Then the scrimmage started with possessions on the 40-yard-line.  Tacklers in parentheses.


*Mauk QB.  Moore -1 (C. Smith TFL).  Moore -1 (Hoppel TFL).  Mauk to Barwin +9, Ramsey run +9.  Mauk keeper +2.  Ramsey run +2 (Manalac).


*Carey QB.  Goebel run +7 (Jones, Cheatham).  Carey to Guidugli +17.  Carey -1 (Cheatham TFL).  Benton run +3 (Carpenter).


*Pike QB.  Pike to Jackson +9.  Pike pass to Goodman broken up by DeAngelo Smith.  Pike run +1 (Byrd).  Martin run -1 (Morgan TFL).  Pike to Barwin +14.  Pike to Jones +8.


*Grutza QB.  Grutza to Wess incomplete.  Barnett run +2 (Moore).  Grutza to DeFilippo but big hit by Moore causes dropped ball.  Grutza to Wess for 50+ yard TD, BUT Wess actually stepped out of bounds prior to catching the ball so it wouldn't have counted.


-Manalac and Revels shared time at #1 MLB today.


-Players with sacks in 11-on-11 tag off drill were:   Anthony Hoke, Drew Frey, Angelo Craig, and Delbert Ferguson.  I also know I missed one.  Ryan Manalac also had a TFL.


-I thought Ben Guidugli and David Wess had one of their better days catching the football and making plays.


-Both Jake Rogers and Brandon Yingling kicked the ball better today.  The longest attempts were 37 yards out.


-Joe Thomas, wide receiver from Indian Hill and son of UC athletics director Mike Thomas, has battled mono but is starting to do some light work on the side.

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