Cashmere the Wright Guy for UC

Mick Cronin and his staff picked up a verbal commitment from point guard Cashmere Wright early Thursday afternoon when Wright made his decision public. Bearcat Insider spoke to Cashmere about his college choice.

It's been an interesting couple days for fans following the recruitment of Savannah, Georgia's Cashmere Wright.  The three star point guard made visits to Tennessee and Cincinnati on successive weekends and mulled over the big decision this week.  When Bearcat Insider contacted the 6 footer on Wednesday to ask about his recent visits, he informed us that he, with the help of his parents, had made his college decision Tuesday night.  However, even though a decision had been reached, the original plan was to hold the formal announcement until early next week.  That plan changed when Bearcat Insider spoke with Cashmere early Thursday afternoon and was told the decision would be made public later that day.  At 1:51 Thursday afternoon, Wright e-mailed Bearcat Insider with a message that read, "I choose the University of Cincinnati."


Wright had originally verballed to Clemson back in February, but after visiting the University of Cincinnati for an AAU tournament, the 17-year-old reopened his recruitment.


Cashmere talked about his decision to be a Bearcat.  "Coach Cronin has known about it since Tuesday when I made the decision with my parents.  I called him and told him."  So why all the suspense?  "That was my dad.  He told me to wait."


The decision came down to a choice between Cincinnati and Tennessee, but South Carolina almost entered the picture yesterday.  "My dad said Coach Odom had put the most players in the NBA, and that would be a worthwhile trip, but he was out of town, and we couldn't go for another week or so.  We didn't want to wait that long."


On the AAU circuit, everyone knows just about everyone, and Cashmere is very familiar with another Bearcat recruit, Terrel Halloway.  "I know Terrel, and I think he'll probably go to Tennessee now."


Bearcat basketball fans need to understand that Wright is not like some of Cincinnati's past point guards who struggled to provide offense.  "I can pass it or I can score.  My AAU coach wanted me to score, but it isn't like I won't pass.  I'm willing to pass, but I can also shoot."  Cashmere provided some exact statistics to support his proclivity to score.  "Last year, they told me I shot 43.69% from the three point line."  He also sounds like a player that will excell at the foul line late in games.  "In Orlando this summer, I missed one free throw in six games.  I even scored 38 in one game.  I love being at the foul line late in games.  The more pressure, the more glory." 


Wright is excited about wearing the Cincinnati red and black because he's used to it.  "It's the same as my high schools colors.  We're black, red and white."


The estimated drive time from Savannah, Georgia to Cincinnati is ten hours, according to Cashmere, but he said there could be an easy stop along the way.  "My uncle lives about 40 miles away, near Lexington."


Cashmere is more than ready for his responsibilities once he gets to the Queen City.  "They (UC coaches) told me they want me to run the team.  That's what I want to do."


UC's landing of four star local power forward, Yancy Gates, also helped with the recruitment of Cashmere.  "I've known him for a couple years, and he came over for my visit."  Wright knows the Bearcats want to add a couple more players to his 2008 class.  "Yancy told me they still want to add a scoring wing player and a big man."  But don't expect Cashmere's old friend and AAU teammate Tony Mitchell to be that wing player.  "No. He's loves Alabama.  He's going to be at Alabama."


Mick Cronin and his staff continue to assemble a Big East roster that should be very competitive, very soon.

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