Friday, August 17-Practice Report

Friday's practice was a short one with an emphasis on teaching before Saturday's big scrimmage.

The team practiced in shells (helmet and shoulder pads) today.  The practice was a little shorter than the norm and was heavy on teaching before Saturday's afternoon scrimmage.  This will be the shortest report of the summer.


-Players have raved about the food at Higher Ground, and they are permitted to eat pretty much whatever they want.  But players also weigh-in every day.  The daily weigh-ins aren't necessarily because of the food at Higher Ground.  It is primarily a tool to make sure individuals are healthy and not losing too much weight in the heat.  However a jump in weight would also probably send up a red flag about the food at Higher Ground.


-The Cleveland Browns had a scout at practice today.  He spent a lot of time watching the defensive line workout in the beginning of practice.  The Browns have added ex-Bearcat Antwan Peek to their roster in the offseason, and Angelo Craig may be a younger, more raw version of Peek.  I made sure to give him my 2 cents about Craig.  I'm still disappointed the Browns didn't sign Andre Frazier when he was a free agent.  After watching the defensive line, he spent time looking at the offensive line, presumable to see Digger Bujnoch.  I doubt he'll be drafted, but if I were an NFL GM, I'd also think about signing Haruki Nakamura as a free agent for special teams play.  Did I say, GO BROWNS!


-Deon Reed (DB) continues to sit out practices while the NCAA investigates a high school class. 


-Mike Mickens took a long pass literally out of the hands of Antwuan Giddens during the 1-on-1 drill, but Giddens got his revenge.  Antwuan beat Mickens on the next two plays.


-Jared Martin made a great catch on a long throw in the corner of the end zone in the 1-on-1.


-Marty Gilyard also made a nice catch beating DeAngelo Smith.  I think Gilyard is pretty healthy now.


-Here are some updated body weights that I thought fans might find interesting.  They are much different than the roster weights from last spring.

*Lamonte Nelms 255

*Tony Pike 224

*Jacob Ramsey 230

*Mike Mickens 190

*John Goebel 225

*Corey Smith 225

*Ryan Manalac 235

*Andre Revels 240

*Adam Hoppel 300 (Hoppel is my target to interview tomorrow)

*Adrien Robinson 245

*John Hughes 295


-One of the true freshmen offensive linemen that continues to impress me is Sam Griffin.  Sam may be weighing only about 240 pounds right now, but as he continues to mature, this kid projects to be a really good one.  Even at this weight, the kid does a nice job.  I know Coach Quinn loves him.


-I caught a little of the pass protection drill today.  Jason Kelce did a fine job handling Terrill Byrd.  I also saw Angelo Craig use his speed to get past Jeff Linkenbach.  I thought Trevor Canfield did a nice job against Adam Hoppel, who is having a great summer.  Chris Flores handled Chris Harrison, and true freshman Alex Hoffman held his own against fellow true freshman John Hughes.


-The 11-on-11 was in shells and guys were just tagging off so it was tough to tell much, but I did see Terrill Byrd, Corey Smith and Lamonte Nelms get sacks.


-Brandon Yingling got the reps at place kicker and knocked two through the uprights in the 2 minute drill.


I'll be featuring Marcus Barnett is a story in the next day or so.

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