10th Anniversary Crosstown Showdown Kicks Off

The 10th Anniversary Crosstown Showdown Kicks Off and Bearcat Insider was on hand for the action. The 2007 edition of the Crosstown Showdown kicked off on Wednesday with the Roger Bacon Spartans and the Loveland Tigers meeting at 6:00 PM at Viking Stadium.

As action got under way I felt that Roger Bacon would have the upper hand in this match up as they had a large offensive line and Loveland had several players playing both ways on offense and defense.  Roger Bacon's offensive line features several prospects and lined up from right to left as follows:


RT #63 Tony Koehling, 6'4". 290 lbs Junior

RG #62 Vince Carlotta, 6'4", 280 lbs Senior (Vince is currently hearing from Akron, Cincinnati and Boston College)

C #70 Nick Ceddio, 6'2", 265 lbs Junior

LG #54 Jake Stapleton, 6'0", 185, Sophomore

LT #56 Andrew McCullough, 6'1", 270 lbs, Junior

TE #80 Cody Parker, 6'4", 225 lbs, Junior


In goal line situations Roger Bacon went to a "Jumbo" package inserting defensive lineman Mike Hicks, 6'5", 290 lbs Senior as an extra offensive lineman.  Despite not playing last year Mike is hearing from several college programs including Ohio University.


One other Roger Bacon Spartan to catch my eye was #28 Sophomore DB Drake Fletcher, 6'2" 180 lbs.  Drake showed a nose for the football and provided both pass coverage and run support.


Another factor I thought would play into this game was Roger Bacon's use of the no huddle offense.  Loveland's defense had to stay down and ready and I thought this would also add to their fatigue.  But as the night wore on it appears that the Loveland players responded better to the heat and gained momentum.


For Loveland #5 WR/OLB Brian Wozniak, 6'5", 225 lbs really stood out with his play on both sides of the ball.


The 2nd match up ended up as a blow out as the Western Hills Mustangs were over matched by the Princeton Vikings.  Princeton was up 41 – 0 early in the 2nd quarter.  Western Hills did have several athletic underclassmen that stood out against the Vikings including:


#11 DE Kenne Howard, 6'4", 205 lbs Junior

#13 WR/DB Jason Smith, 6'2", 160 lbs Sophomore

#20 DB Jordan Alston, 6'2", 180 lbs Junior



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