Tim Adams From San Diego Report

Tim Adams was on hand for the Bearcats battle with San Diego State Saturday night while Dave Berk was on hand for the Bearcats Bash in Cincinnati. Here are a few game notes and photos from the day

Sorry for the delay in getting this up, internet was down all day Saturday and until late on Sunday.


Tim Adams Notes


-Nick Davila is trying to catch on with a team from the new All American League or the arena ball L. A. Avengers.


-Herm Edwards, head coach of the Chiefs, attended the game.  His Chiefs play the Chargers on Sunday.


-I also saw a Jags coach at the game.


-We estimated about 2,000 Bearcat fans at the game.


-The jumbo short yardage package of Doug Jones, Marcus Waugh and Bradley Glatthaar was been money in the bank all year.


-The Bearcats did not punt in the 1st half, and scored all touchdowns except for the tipped pass interception.


-Freshman Armon Binns saw action in the first half.


-Charley Howard caught a pass in the first half.  I think that was his first catch as a Bearcat.


-Two tackles for Craig Carey on kick-offs.


-I had Hoppel and Corey Smith with sacks and A. Willimans with a TFL.


-Bearcats were returning home immediately after the game and hoped to be back in Cincy by 9 a.m.



Dave Berk Notes

Dave & Busters took on a Bearcats feel Saturday night with a Game Watching party.  The place was packed with standing room only and several people were not allowed into the party room to watch the game because of the number already in. 

Fans enjoyed the game and cheered with each Bearcat play and made their feelings known when things went against the Cats.

With the excitement this program is seeing support is at an all-time high as fans get ready for the Bearcats to battle Rutgers next weekend.

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