Bearcat Fans Need To Raise The Bar

Bearcat Insider spoke with UCATS President Jim Amann on Bearcat Insider Live this past Tuesday night about "Raising the Bar". Answers too many of the questions being asked by fans were given by the man who presided over the committee that wrote "Raising the Bar". Here are some of the highlights from our discussion and the audio from the Bearcat Insider Radio Show on the subject.

Some background on Jim Amann, he is a true Cincinnati guy and a fellow alum of UC. His involvement with UCATS began over 20 years ago so he is no stranger to the history of the athletic department and what needs to be done to go to the next level.


In terms of private giving among Big East football schools UC is still near the bottom, only USF brings in fewer private dollars than UC. In terms of size of alumni base UC is near the top with Rutgers being the biggest.


According to President Amann it is not possible in today's modern college athletic environment to survive without significant private donations. State spending has been flat for over a decade and has continued to decrease as a percent of the total UC budget. This leaves a larger burden on the schools and athletic departments.


The critical elements of "Raising the Bar" are prioritizing capital needs, a review of sports offerings, forming an economic model for fiscal spending, and prioritized seating for men's basketball.


We took a deep dive on prioritizing capital needs. The primary projects that need funding are a new basketball arena, indoor practice facility, renovation of Nippert Stadium, expanded outdoor facilities.


President Amann said that the order of action may not necessarily follow the greatest need. Some projects can be done with less financial commitments and fewer obstacles. For the basketball arena he did say that the location being sought after is very near campus, there is some property that needs to be purchased. There are no plans to have an arena that is not in the direct vicinity of campus.


BCI asked the question "is an indoor practice facility predicated with a move of the basketball arena." The answer was a quick no; he did go onto elaborate that a temporary indoor solution such as a bubble could be put in place.


There is space on campus for the expanded outdoor practice facility.


Regarding Nippert renovations, the primary goal is to add luxury seating and a new press box. BCI asked about expanding the seating capacity. President Amann did say it was possible to wrap Shank Pavillion around to the west side of the stadium but the current feeling is that the sight lines and classic feel if Nippert would be lost.


When asked about the levels of giving, President Amann would be overjoyed if every UC alum gave just $50, also giving that isn't tied to tickets it is 100% tax deductible.


Bearcat Insider will continue to stay in touch with the people who are making the decisions that affect the future of the UC program and bring the fact to you. To get involved or to review "Raising the Bar" go to

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