Wow! Can You Say Anything Else Right Now?

But seriously, did any fans out there really think that San Diego State would threaten the Cats? You are starting to see the makings of a confident Top 25 team capable of winning big games and beat down inferior teams.

The scary part is that this team is not buying into the hype. People around the country are going to weigh in and give their opinion of what they think about UC, some will be glowing, some will be ugly. The one thing I learned in life is that people are going to say what they want and you can't stop them from giving their opinion. The only thing that you can control is what you do, just win baby!

Coach Kelly is not a miracle maker, he's a great motivator. The Cats knew they would be good but Kelly has this team believing they can be great. I remember while at UC as a sophomore when UC finally cracked the Top 25 in basketball and Nick Van Exel told me that Huggins put them through the worst practice ever.

Not for punishment, but Huggins wanted the Cats to realize they got there because of hard work and that same concept was going to keep them there. I loved Coach Kelly's comment after the Cats cracked the Top 25, "you win games to be ranked, but just because your ranked doesn't win games." The fact that UC is ranked is great for the fans, the university and the city but how UC handles their newfound success is what is important. If you look at some of the top programs in sports history, the Bulls of Michael Jordan, the Cowboys of the 90's, USC with Bush and Leinart, the common thread of these teams was that being good was obvious but these teams showed it every time they played a game. It also helped that all these teams had a coach that was a great motivator. The fact that these teams handled their success allowed them to achieve more success, that's what made them great.

Of course the thing that separates those teams from UC is obviously championships, but I'm talking about the concept on how to build a winner. UC has the foundation to build a powerhouse program and win championships. One game at a time, they continue to get better through preparation and hard work. In the past, wins were huge because they were so rare but this team has a business-like approach to games that is becoming evident by the dismantling of their first five opponents.

If the Cats keep this approach and not become cocky, the rest of the Big East better watch out. Rutgers, you are up next!  

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