Updates from Mike Waddell

Mike Waddell gave Bearcat Insider some updates about ticket availability, bowl representatives and future season tickets.

Bearcat Insider took time from Friday's basketball press conference to ask Mike Waddell a few questions. And as always, the Senior Associate Director of Athletics was happy to oblige.


Although the Louisville and West Virginia games are sold out, there are still a few thousand tickets available for the UConn game at Nippert Stadium on Saturday, November 10.  Mike thinks there may be a misconception by Bearcat fans.  "People hear that Louisville and West Virginia are sold out so they assume Connecticut is as well, but we still have somewhere around 3,000 tickets still available."


Fans can reserve a bowl ticket since the Bearcats are already bowl eligible, but many have already paid the $50 when they bought their season tickets.  Mike explained the program.  "It works the same way as it did with the bowl ticket club in the preseason.  For every football season ticket that you have if you have a reserved UCATS seat, you have a $50 credit toward a bowl ticket.  If the bowl tickets cost $50, you get a bowl ticket for each season ticket that you purchased."  If a bowl ticket costs more than $50, the patron will pay the difference.  The people that already have bowl tickets deposits with their season tickets will be serviced first.  The people that are interested in paying the bowl deposits now will be added to that list, but Mike said there should be no shortage of bowl tickets available.


A representative from the Fiesta Bowl attended the Cincinnati/Oregon State game, and Mike said the bowl rep was shocked by the number of bowl tickets already accounted for.  "He was floored that we had over 5,000 bowl credits already.  That is only going to grow.  We have a large contingent in this weekend from the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte for the third place team who would play against someone from the ACC.  There's a lot of interest in Cincinnati.  We need people to realize that buying a bowl ticket is crucial to the future of this program, but we also need people to go to the game.  We took less than 1,500 to Toronto.  That is not acceptable on any level.  We have to get to the point where we are a traveling team."


For Bearcat fans that didn't buy football season tickets this year, it's not too early to reserve your football season ticket for next year according to Waddell.  Mike has set a pretty high goal for next year.  "We had about 10,800 season tickets sold this year.  Next year my goal is to have 20,000.  I want to sell out this stadium a lot next year.  We were up in tickets this year, and we want to continue going up.  We have a good schedule again next year.  We have Syracuse coming here along with Pitt.  We have one of the better rivalries coming here in Rutgers along with Miami.  Add Eastern Kentucky which will more than likely open on a Thursday night next year on August 28."

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