Sean Hooey Resting "Will Be Ready"

Having been involved with the game of college football over the past several years I've become used to watching college and high school players I've covered suffer injuries. For the college player the future is known as they'll rehab and work to get back on the field. But for the high school prospect many more questions go through their heads as the injury takes a backseat to their future.

Saturday night was like any other night this time of year. I'd watched some college football on television and then headed to the Centerville / Princeton game to watch several top senior and junior players in action.

Not long into the game my cell phone rang and I knew the number was a Michigan number and that of Tim Hooey father of University of Cincinnati recruit Sean. As many know I've covered Sean since last December and in the process became friends with the family. But I could soon tell in the voice coming from the other end this was not a call to talk about the weather.

Tim quickly explained Sean was also playing in a playoff game and had just suffered a very server injury as a defender came and took out Sean's leg with a helmet just below the knee and above the ankle. The leg was broken in a couple of places and they were getting into the ambulance headed to the hospital and would know more latter in the night.

I told Tim to keep me posted and before ending our conversation he asked the following question.

"Sean wants to know if this will affect his scholarship to Cincinnati. He's very worried about that right now and wants to know if you think this changes things."

I assured Tim that I felt Sean's scholarship with Cincinnati would be fine having never seen a college program pull a scholarship from a long standing loyal verbal commitment in the past and stressed why this was one of the main reasons a prospect should make a commitment before their senior season.

I spoke with Tim Hooey later in the night as they were getting Sean ready to be moved from the small local hospital to the University of Michigan to be looked at by a couple of specialist. Tim explained more of what was going on and that two Sean's high school coaches were now there with Sean checking on him. Tim explained that he'd called a member of the Cincinnati staff as they were getting on the plane home from Florida and was told by them not to worry about the scholarship and they'd talk later.

But that brought up the question. One thing I've always found over the years in covering recruiting is the prospects of a high school player getting injured. I've seen several over the years including my own brother go through the experience and the fear of losing a scholarship. While I've never seen a committed prospect have a scholarship taken away because of an injury, I've seen several colleges walk away from prospects who have not committed that suffer some sort of major injury.

While a verbal commitment is not binding on either side. Players who have given their commitment and been loyal to a college coach and his program have found a safety net when an injury occurs.

As of Sunday morning Sean was doing well having gone into surgery at 3:30 in the morning. The two hour surgery was a success and Tim informed us that Sean will be back working out in 8-10 weeks.

Tim said he also spoke with a member of the Bearcats staff on Sunday morning to give them the latest information and was told they still are committed to Sean being part of their program.

We wish Sean and his family all the best in the coming weeks and look forward to seeing Sean in a Bearcats uniform next fall.

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