Bearcats Pull Off Win Over Western Carolina

If you were watching the same game I was watching then you might have picked up a slight case of insanity from the bad defense to the crucial fouls and bad situations the Bearcats placed themselves in while still pulling out a win against a good Western Carolina team.

As the game started the Bearcats came out with a strong defense, hitting the boards hard and passing the ball inside. As time winded down so did the Bearcats defense. Guarding the three continues to be a struggle for UC as they let WCU go 4-9(44.4%) in the first half. Adam Hrycaniuk who was to provide size and strength under the basket was getting bullied in the paint by 6'8" and shorter players on WCU's team showing a big weakness while he is the game.

Towards the middle of the first half Anthony "Biggie" McClain entered the game and sparked the Bearcats defense with two block shots one being assisted by Darnell Wilks.

As halftime approached UC fans started praying for just a little defense from Adam while a star in Rashad Bishop started to show his skills and show why he was recruited by head coach Mick Cronin.

On the last play of the first half the Bearcats gave up another three with one second left on the clock and headed to the locker room with a 31-29 lead.

The second half was the "Marvin Gentry Show" as the Bearcat came out of the locker room blazing three's. John Williamson got into foul trouble and was joined by Marcus Sikes who did as he'd done last season standing around the three-point line missing three's.

As the game went on Hrycaniuk continued to struggle on defense leaving some to wonder where was "Biggie"? The answer was on the bench sitting right in between Alvin Mitchell and Darnell Wilks watching the action on the court.

With 57-seconds left in the half Marvin Gentry hit a three to give the Bearcats a three point lead and forced the team as a whole to play defense. But the Bearcats could not hold the three point lead for long as Hrycaniuk fouled Nick Aldridge as he was going for a lay-up. Aldridge made the shot and was also good on the bonus.

With twenty-three seconds left on the clock Deonta Vaughn looked to hold the ball and give the Bearcats a chance for a last second victory. With five-seconds left Vaughn drove towards the basket drawing three defenders and dished the ball to a braking Marcus Sikes for the lay-up and the 66-64 win.

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