Women's Basketball Signs 4

In J. Kelley – Halls first class he went after size, speed and athleticism. He found those needs in Shanasa Sanders a women's version of Cashmere Wright, Jaquandria "G.G." Williams a Louisiana speedster, Val Schuster a player that can shoot and play inside and Katie Bushman a player that will become a dominate force for the Bearcats under rim. We take a look at each of these new Bearcats.

Shanasa Sanders ~ 5' 7" ~ PG ~ from Jacksonville, Florida

Shanasa is the type of player everyone needs on their team. She has some of the best floor vision and passing ability in this class and is expected to help the Bearcats reach the next level in the Big East.

Scouting Report

Shanasa is ideal person for who you want on your team. She is a pass first; score later type of player the women's version of Cashmere Wright. Shanasa will become the building block of the program for the next 4 years.

Jaquandria "GG" Williams 5' 9"~ G ~ from New Iberia, Louisiana

If not the best player in the loaded state of Louisiana, Jaquandria "GG" Williams stands in the top five. Williams is a playmaker with the speed to run past anyone and quickness to guard anyone. G.G. has the ball handling skills to be a 1 and the shooting ability to be a 2. Last season G.G. earned class 5a (biggest class) first team all state honors.

Scouting Report

G.G. is a 5-9 or 5-10 guard that is quick as lightning and has amazing leaping ability. She is one of the best athletes in Louisiana and a top 25 athlete in the south.

G.G. still needs to become a more consistent shooter, but that is simply a matter of effort. What I mean by that is you can tell when she is ready to play by how high she jumps. When she is jumping at her highest point her jump shot is almost automatic, but when she doesn't have her jump shot she tends to struggle.

An amazing athlete, who I believe under Coach Halls coaching, will become a star. She is going to have to do a better job of turning it on and keeping it on, because she does tend to turn it on and off.

Val Schuster ~ 6' 0"~ G/F ~ from Wausau, Wisconsin

A front court player that is versatile to play 3 positions. At 6-1 Val has the range and skills to play the 2 or 3 and has the post moves to play the 4. Bushman averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds a game for Wausau Newman last year.

Scouting report

Schuster was golden as an inside a player who is a strong and physical athlete. Schuster became another force inside with a strong frame on team Wisconsin.

Schuster's is a Strong, physical post, confident, aggressive player that played inside but will become an outside force when she gets to UC. Val posses' big man moves with the ball handling moves of a point guard.

Katie Bushman ~ 6' 3" ~ C ~ from Phillips, Wisconsin

Katie Bushman is the definition of a true center. She plays inside with the size and strength to rebound over her opponents. Katie averaged 20.7 points and 16 rebounds a game last season for team Wisconsin 17 select.

Scouting report

Bushman is a Big time post. She is physical and powerful and will leave no doubt that she is in control of the paint. She is also dominating when rebounding on both boards and can score with people hanging on her.

With her size and strength she dominates inside. When she goes up for a ball she snaps it and does so with authority. Good hands and able to run the floor, Bushman showed time and again she can score when under contact. This will be vital if the Bearcats hope to move up in the tough Big East.

Has a big time physical post physique. She struggles while shooting behind 17 feet, sometimes drifting away from the rim becoming off balance and unsure. Needs to square up and stop exposing the ball while being more consistent.

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