Developmental Testing Numbers

One of the challenges for Cincinnati's strength and conditioning coach, Paul Longo, is to keep his players in top shape during the season. Here are some of the results from recent testing of those redshirting. All players were not tested in all areas.

Paul Longo and his assistant Jake Flint don't get many days off. They are constantly trying to get players in better shape in the off season and keep players from losing strength and speed during the season. In order to get a better understanding of how they and their players are doing, periodic testing is done. Those who are playing this season were exempt from testing last week, but those who are redshirting went through the paces. Here are some of the results from July to late November for scholarship players and a few walk-ons that impressed.

Offensive Line:

Frank Becker- has lost 11 pounds since July. Presently weighing 281 pounds. Runs a 5.36 forty and benches 225 pounds 16 times.

T.J. Franklin- has lost 15 pounds since July. Weighing 264 pounds and runs 5.3 forty. Increased reps of 225 pounds from 13 to 16 since July.

Alex Hoffman- has lost 4 pounds weighing 266 pounds. Increased 225 benches from 3 to 4. Runs a 5.31 forty.

Blake McCroskey- has lost 27 pounds, down to 280. Increased 225 reps on bench from 10 to 12. Runs a 5.48 forty. Tops among rookie linemen with 28.5" vertical.

Craig Parmenter- Has added a pound; currently 270. Doubled his 225 benches from 6 to 12 and runs a 5.38 forty, an improvement from 5.46 when he arrived on campus.

Offensive Skill:

Chazz Anderson- added 5 pounds since July, up to 210. Add two reps to 225 pound bench since July, up to 20 reps. Knocked one tenth of a second off forty time, presently runs a 4.77. Has a 35" vertical.

Zach Collaros- added 3 pounds, up to 209 pounds. Increased 225 pounds reps from 15 to 16. Has 28.5 vertical and 4.85 forty.

John Goebel- Has lost 4 pounds and is down to 210. Top ssholarship player with 23 reps at 225 pounds. Has a 33" vertical and continues to get faster from 4.49 in July to 4.41 now.

Tomaz Hilton- Up two pounds to 210. Added 1 rep at 225 pounds from 6 to 7. Has a 28" vertical and 4.67 forty speed.

Tahree McQueen- weighs 210 pounds with 4.68 forty speed. Not tested at 225 pound reps but did 10 in July.

Montez Patterson- Lost 3 pounds, down to 220. Increased 225 pound reps from 14 to 16. Has a 31" vertical and 4.59 forty speed.

Adrien Robinson- added 4 pounds to 248 pounds. Increased 225 reps from 5 to 8. Has 33.5 vertical and 4.55 forty speed. Yikes!

Trammel Williams- (walk-on) Weighs 181 pounds with 16 reps at 225 pounds. Has a 34" vertical and reduced 40 time from 4.57 to 4.42 since the season started.

Defensive Line and Linebackers:

Robby Armstrong- Added 8 pounds to 210. Increased 225 reps from 6 to 12. Has 33" vertical with 4.62 forty.

Alex Delisi- lost a pound to 212. Add 2 reps at 225 bench from 13 to 15. Has 4.84 forty speed.

John Hughes- Lost 2 pounds, down to 291. Increased 225 pound bench from 15 to 19. Runs a 5.02 forty.

Randy Martinez- Weighs 257 pounds with 14 reps at 225 pounds. Runs a 5.19 forty.

Ralston Reeves- Lost 3 pounds down to 246. Increased 225 pound bench from 13 to 14 and has a 33.5 vertical and 4.72 forty time. Increased speed in forty by almost .2 seconds since July.

Ricardo Thompson- Lost 7 pounds to current weight of 217. Increased 225 bench from 6 to 7 with 5.1 forty.

Cedric Holmes- (walk-on DL) Weighs 249 pounds. Best of entire group with 26 reps at 225 pound bench. Has 4.77 forty speed.

Defensive Backs:

Ruebon Haley- (walk-on) Weighs 165 pounds with 7 reps at 225 pounds. Has a 35.5" vertical and 4.35 speed (fastest of those tested).

Scott Johnson- Lost 2 pounds to 198. Increased 225 bench from 12 to 17 with 35" vertical and 4.46 forty.

Deon Reed- Runs a 4.55 forty.

Wesley Richardson- (walk-on) Weighs 183 pounds with 15 reps at 225 pound bench. Has 37.5" vertical (best of the group) and 4.57 forty speed.

Brandon Underwood- Weighs 178 pounds with 10 reps at 225 pound bench. Has a 35" vertical and 4.48 forty speed.

Martez Williams- (walk-on) Weighs 173 pounds with 11 reps at 225 bench. Has a 36.5" vertical.

O.J. Woodard- Added 1 pound, up to 206. Went from 4 reps at 225 pound bench in July to 10 in November. Has 30" vertical and 4.5 forty speed.

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