It's Time To Go Bowling

It's time to go Bowling. The bowl is December 22nd and here is what you need to know to get your planning started. . If you are a season ticket holder you have already paid for your game tickets with bowl credits that were part of the season ticket package. Here is the information you need to use your credits.

The Bearcats are going bowling looking for their 10-th win this season. The site will be Birmingham, Alabama at Legion Field. One of the first questions that came into my mind was how do I use the bowl credit that I already have. Here are the answers:


All bowl credits are worth $50 and came with each season ticket. If you bought two season tickets you have $100 worth of bowl credits. The actual cost of the Papa bowl ticket is only $30 per seat, so you have money left over.


First step, how to use your bowl credit. All sales will be done over the phone or in person. You can call 1.877.CATS.TIX to place your order, they will only need your name but if you still have you customer number from your season ticket invoice it will save a minute or two.


Since the ticket costs less than the price of the Bowl seat you will need to decide how to use the remaining $20 per seat of your credit. UC has setup some easy options:


Turn the $20 per seat into additional tickets to the Bowl and bring friends and family.


Donate the unused portion to the UC Football Bowl Fund. The money raised will be used to send UC students to the game or to provide tickets for underprivileged children in Birmingham a chance to see the game.


Apply the difference to your 2008 season tickets.


UC will start sending out letters later today on how to use the bowl credits. Bearcat Insider will keep you up to date on bowl happenings and travel plans from now until kick off.


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